The World’s First Logging Platform for Swift

Today, I am proudly introducing the SwiftyBeaver Logging Platform private beta.

SwiftyBeaver will make the life of Swift and Objective-C developers, UX designers, app analytics experts, and product owners better and comes with a fresh, year 2016 approach to logging and app analytics.

The perfect tool for app makers.

For the past months, my team and I were working on a solution which would be the perfect tool for app makers. We put our focus on the needs of today’s mobile first products, deliberately ignoring web apps and server admins which are anyway all primarily served by the competition.

That focus allowed us to completely re-think the logging and analytics experience for the app maker audience and let us start with a blank slate. It also led to more innovations than we had planned in the beginning; some of them I want to briefly mention in the following paragraphs.

SwiftyBeaver Framework
12 million developers and 1 billion devices.

For example, SwiftyBeaver is the world’s first logging platform for Apple’s Swift programming language, also supporting Objective-C. It is the first logging platform which natively supports the full Apple device family, from Macbook and iPhone to Apple Watch and Apple TV through its own, already popular multi-destination open-source framework.

12 million Apple platform developers and 1 billion Apple devices can natively use SwiftyBeaver right from the start.

SwiftyBeaver Crypto Cloud
All data remains fully encrypted.

It is also the world’s first logging platform with end-to-end encryption, a substantial innovation and statement in today’s discussion about FBI vs Apple, app data privacy, and governmental / industrial espionage.

All data is encrypted on a user’s device with industry-standard AES-256 encryption and remains fully encrypted on our servers because we do not need to analyze the data in the cloud. Why? See at the next paragraph.

SwiftyBeaver Mac App
Better monitoring experience.

SwiftyBeaver is also the world’s first logging platform which uses a native Mac App as data browser, giving you for the first time ever the exclusive, physical ownership of all the data generated by your users and your app.

Additionally, it leads to a better monitoring experience with unmatched zero-latency performance in search, filtering and analytics.

Is truly a platform.

SwiftyBeaver is also the first logging platform which is truly a platform in today’s meaning of the word. Built-in support for many output destinations, multiple service providers and open platform APIs makes it possible to build own logging solutions on top of it without a vendor lock-in.

For development and release.

And for us as app developers ourselves the most important, because selfish, reason is that SwiftyBeaver is the world’s first logging platform which can be used for development and release without the need to change tires in between. It is simple to set-up and easy but powerful in its daily use.

Now see and decide for yourself, sign up to our free private beta & spread the word to fellow app makers. ❤