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Ansh Mehra
Swiggy Design
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5 min readJul 4, 2019


After going through a rigorous Product Design Challenge and multiple interviews, I was chosen to be the first Product Design Intern at Swiggy. Coincidently, Swiggy is also the first company I ever interned at! I’d heard a lot of internship stories in college - good as well as bad. So before joining, I tried to do my own bit of online research to find out how it was being an intern at Swiggy Product Design Team.

To my surprise, I couldn’t find even a single person who had interned with this team before. I had no idea what might be waiting for me on Day 1.

Nevertheless, with a head full of dreams and aspirations, I started the journey of spending my best months of 2019. On 5th May , I stepped inside Swiggy HQ for the very first time. Situated at the 9th floor of a plush tech park in Bangalore, it is a world in itself. During my tenure, I posted a lot of stories on Instagram, and here I am re-sharing some of my best times here.

1) View from the Design office 2) when Google visited Swiggy 3) free Google Goodies I got that day

The Swiggy Product Design team works out of one of the best places in the entire office. The Design Bay has all the Designers, juniors and seniors, sitting together and collaborating throughout the day. This was the first time a new place didn’t feel intimidating to me.

I felt excited! This is where I always wanted to be.

The Swiggy Design Bay is where all the action takes place. You get to see Fancy Gadgets, Sticky Notes, Stationary and People laughing and enjoying; while solving some of the most challenging design problems of the industry.

Working at Swiggy has its own perks! I was lucky to get a brand new Macbook Pro (the fancy one with the touch bar and all), a Swiggy laptop bag and the Swiggy ID Card. I love the ID so much, I wear it even when I’m home 😂. Some of the projects I worked on required some filmmaking, so I was provided with the latest Go Pro 7 and an iPhone X. Needless to say, I was given licenses to all the latest tools in order to work freely without any limitations! 😃

Saptarshi Prakash is the best manager you can ever have! Why? Because he treats all the newcomers with cheesecakes 😅. Well, not just that, he understands exactly what you want to do and gives you just the right amount of liberty and guidance. It is a perfectly balanced mentorship. Initially, I assumed that all senior designers would be very serious, and I would need to think twice before I can disturb them. But I was wrong!

Every single designer, including our VP of Design Srinath Rangamani, is always approachable for guidance. We’ve had parties, night outs and some amazing discussions that made me feel like I am part of a big family.

1) Me with Saptarshi Prakash — my Manager 2) with Omkar Jambovane— our UX Researcher 3) During Srinath Rangamani’s Birthday Party

I worked on a project that was tailored for me. Before joining VIT, I was a filmmaker, so I had a portfolio of making movies and UX Design. The project assigned to me required both Video and UX Skills. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

I was given full freedom to explore as much as I wanted. I studied several products, visited the best restaurants throughout the city of Bangalore and did what I truly loved - make movies, have food and design experiences. I even got to spend a day as a Swiggy Delivery Executive! (it’s a Swiggy Ritual). You can find a short video on it on my Instagram.

I spent all my weekends going to the fanciest places in Bangalore. Monday to Friday was spent enjoying my work, and weekends were reserved for exploring Bangalore to the fullest.

People were always curious about ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the Swiggy Design Team, so we started a new series “Folks at Swiggy Design” on Instagram, where you can get to know all the designers who work at Swiggy. You can check them out on Swiggy Design’s Instagram Page.

I’ve never been in a place so welcoming and exciting, and I feel extremely proud to have interned at Swiggy Design. The learnings and memories from these two months cannot be explained in words! If you wish to know more about our work, you can check out Swiggy Design’s Medium Page or follow us on Dribbble.

Apart from Design and Filmmaking, I have my own Podcast called Take it Easy on Spotify. You can check out my films and design work on my website, or follow me on Instagram