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Democrats can win the midterms. You can make it happen.

Ready to help protect democracy? Swing Left connects you with high impact ways to get involved in the most competitive races near you.

Democrats can win the midterms, despite what Republicans want us to believe. There’s a lot at stake this year — from expanding Democrats’ razor-thin majorities to protecting our democracy from the increasingly radical and anti-democratic GOP — and we know early engagement is key to electoral success. Elections are our thing, and we’ve been working around-the-clock to understand which races will determine the balance of power in our country and where our community can have the biggest impact.

Simply visit swingleft.org/targets, enter your zip code, and we’ll match you with your nearest competitive race and suggest high-impact volunteer and donation opportunities. We’ve also included incumbent and eventual challenger information, and what’s at stake if Democrats win or lose to give you a better sense of these target races.

A screenshot of swingleft.org/targets featuring a map of Swing Left’s target states noted in yellow.

This year, we’ve identified 47 U.S. House races and six Senate races in roughly 20 states, five gubernatorial races, and seven state legislatures which will help deliver a Democratic win. And as maps become finalized after redistricting, we’ll update this information regularly to make sure Swing Left is your one-stop-shop for taking action in the midterms.

Winning will not be easy. Midterms are not usually won by the party in power, and the GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote are unyielding. But midterms come down to one thing: turnout. Whether it’s donating to support eventual Democratic nominees, joining a local Swing Left group, or writing letters and making calls, your early involvement is key in helping turn out more Democratic voters by November 8.

Democrats are helping move the country forward. In the last year alone, we’ve seen a strategic COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout, unprecedented funding to improve our roads, bridges, broadband, and drinking water, historic job growth amid a pandemic, and crucial reproductive health and voting rights legislation enacted in states led by Democrats. But these victories are just the beginning. We must expand Democratic majorities and deliver the GOP a historic defeat at the ballot box.

To #WinTheMidterms, it’s going to take all of us doing our part. Go to swingleft.org/targets today and find your nearest competitive race where you can help Democrats win.

Share how you’re helping Democrats win in November by using the hashtag #WinTheMidterms and tagging @swingleft.




We’re flipping the Senate, the White House and key state legislatures by empowering volunteers and donors everywhere to help win critical elections.

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Swing Left

Swing Left

We’re flipping the Senate, the White House and key state legislatures by empowering volunteers everywhere to help win critical elections. swingleft.org/medium

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