Nobody likes a copycat

Building unique solutions to common problems

Yusaku Senga
Jan 3 · 2 min read

Nobody likes a copycat. At Swingby we were disappointed to see some FUD this week that we were copying from other projects, and so we’d like to address a few things quickly.

Swingby is a unique protocol, custom built by our developers from the ground up. We have been working on this protocol for over a year and our GitHub commits show this: Swingby witness component and Swingby Protocol Spec one and Multi-hash timed lock contract.

Swingby is dedicated to solving cross chain swaps in a trust-less protocol, and whilst there are many other teams working on the same challenge, we are solving a similar but distinct problem that requires a similar but distinct solution.

It was recently brought to our attention that the external contractor we used to design our website had taken and repurposed a graphic of another blockchain platform. This is regrettable and as soon as this was brought to our attention we removed the graphic and have parted ways with the designer. But we own this mistake. We could have been more diligent in our screening and checking, and we have put in place processes to prevent this in the future. We will also be rebuilding the website as part of our ongoing development.

As we launch our Test network, we are fully committed to open sourcing our entire codebase, which will show that all of our product is custom built, with the exception of the Binance Chain TSS libraries we use. If we leverage other open sourced projects in the future, we will communicate that to the community with full transparency at that time.

As younger players in an already very young industry, we hope to work together with all providers, including those we may have inadvertently upset today, to grow the ecosystem and present users a rich diversity of choice.

At Swingby, we stand fully behind our development and the solutions we are building for users, and we are excited to grow this space together through 2020 and beyond.

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