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Creating Swingvy’s Key Visuals (2)— “Relationshape”

When you browse through the Swingvy website, you can see tons of circles, squares, rectangles, and many other geometric shapes. We’d like to share why we use these geometric shapes in our brand design and trace back to how these visuals have evolved.

The truth is, those shapes came from the brand name “Swingvy” itself

As mentioned in our “Brand Refresh” blog, our brand name, “Swingvy” comes from “Swing” + “by”. In aerospace engineering, swing-by, or gravity assist, leverages the gravity of a planet to get an extra boost to change the course or speed of a spacecraft.

See how a spacecraft (Voyager 1) is using “Swing-by”

Why we named our brand “Swingvy” was simply inspired by how this gravity assist works. Like how a spacecraft uses “Swing-by” to accelerate themselves, we want to be a “Swing-by” for our customers to “help SMEs to create empowering workplaces for their teams”.

We wanted to show the mission not only in the name but also in the visual brand identity so that people can understand our philosophy through both verbal and visual communications.

And that’s how “Swing-by” became our graphic motif

“Swing-by” graphic motif

Transformed to a simplified shape

To make the shape more simple and adaptable, we have used two circles and one line as the basic form of the graphic pattern. Various combinations are made based on this.

For the overall unity of the graphic, we mainly use grids of horizontal, vertical, 45, and 90 degrees starting with the central circle.

We call it “Relationshape”

Now you’ll get that these shapes are more than just a combination of circles and lines. It is a shape with a story that connects to the meaning of “Swingvy”. So we are calling it “Relationshape”.

Swingvy Relationshape

Swingvy Relationshape is transformed as diverse visual designs across the website and other platforms.

“Our Mission” section on the Landing page is using the graphic motif of Relationshape
“Our Mission” section on the Landing page
We use Relationshape symbols to highlight different website pages in our site menu.
Each shape works as a bullet point

We use Relationshapes to build dynamic layouts

Swingvy Slide Template

Swingvy Slide Template is an internally used slide template that our Sales team uses when pitching to customers.

And the more advanced version is… Swingvy “Core values”

The shapes have been more developed from the original form.

Born out of “Swingvy” itself, our “Relationshape” has become the core visual asset of Swingvy’s Visual Identity. We hope that this article helps you understand the story of how the key visual elements have evolved and relate to our mission, “Help SMEs to create empowering workplaces for their teams”, better than before.

Do you want to see more of these creative visuals? Please don’t hesitate to visit our website to explore!



This collection of stories would take you to the behind-the-scenes of Swingvy’s design culture, inspiration, and our work. Swingy is full-suite HR & Payroll software simplifies HR processes making it easy for SMEs. Visit Swingvy.com to learn more about us.

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