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Seonyu Kim
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2 min readJun 8, 2021


You may have seen many colors used throughout Swingvy branding, mainly because of Swingvy Wallpaper. Let us share how these colourful wallpapers came about.

Ta-da! The wallpaper graphic motif actually came from Swingvy’s logotype. Inspired by the unique edges of our font, we decided to transform some parts of the logo as a wallpaper pattern. These are used in our service UIs, landing pages, marketing design templates, or anywhere where we wanted to add a vibrant tone to highlight Swingvy’s brand identity.

Here are more variations!

Swingvy Wallpaper (Dark bg) — This is used a lot in Swingvy Landing Page.
Swingvy Wallpaper (Light bg)
Swingvy Wallpaper (Contrast bg)

We have also transformed our Wallpaper into various visuals across the website.

Customer testimonial section on the Landing page
Hero sections on the Landing page

Marketing Design Template

We also used our wallpapers across most marketing design creatives, such as cover images of customer testimonials, blog content, webinars, advertisements with product mockups, product EDMs, and so on.

ADs with product mockups with light, dark, and contrast background (Left to right)
Customer Testimonial
Partnership Announcement
HR Template Front Cover

Born out of Swingvy’s logotype, our Wallpaper has become one of the most widely used visual assets. We were pleased to have every visual elements connected to each other while also having its own story.

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Swingvy Design

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