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4 min readJun 10, 2021


If you are a customer who has been using Swingvy, you might be familiar with these original illustrations. This illustration style has been used throughout the overall Swingvy services and marketing designs for a long time.

These illustrations gave delightful vibe to Swingvy from the early stage.

Recently, Swingvy has shifted to a new visual concept as we search for better ways to utilize photographs of real people which were not part of our previous illustration.

The main goal of the photography concept was to deliver Swingvy’s motto “People matter” better than before.

People, Swingvy’s most important value

In our new style, we no longer use illustrations for people’s images. Instead, real photography of people will greet customers with confidence and optimism.

This is because Swingvy puts people as the most precious value in HR service.

We hoped that people could be more highlighted for our brand identity, and that’s why we shifted away from the illustration style which had limitations in this regard. We believe the people (— our customers — )and their expressions inside the photographs would reflect the way we serve them and let them know that we are here with you. By combining headshots with colorful and bright backgrounds, we were able to set a cohesive direction to replicate consistent look and feel while capturing customer stories and who they are as individual humans.

Are these images selected randomly? Of course not.

Since we’re operating in three different countries(Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan), we carefully chose portraties that were roughly representative of each country’s demographic.

Ta-da! Can you tell the difference our landing page among other countries? We carefully curated the photographs by mixing various gender ethnicity, and age depending on countries so people would feel more connected to what they are seeing.
This approach is also aligned to our product philosophy; We believe creating an inclusive, accessible environment for various businesses also means that we need to embrace and support cultural and linguistic differences. Localization can be tricky sometimes, but we are constantly working on this topic to provide a safer and engaging experience to our customers.

Making sure the experience encompasses the product

Swingvy’s motto, “People matter” is a concept that also includes user experience.

Swingvy has actively used illustrations to help users understand the context better as they navigate through our product. We’ve also applied a new style to these spot illustrations to provide a direct representation of what they are about to do or need their attention.

The main goal was to reduce unnecessary decoration in images and focus on subjects and layouts to convey meanings more effectively.
We understand how effectively images could deliver message and considered a way to maximize the impact.
Photography style was very helpful in this sense, as it could describe characteristics and messages much better than illustration.

Users can recognize better that this image is about setting, and they have to take action.

Take a look at how these new images were applied in our product to better represent people — hoping to help their work done, easier and faster.

Spot images work as a UI component, which helps users to understand what the current page is for and what they should do.

Now photography is everywhere

The photography concept has gotten much more appealing when it is used with Swingvy Wallpapers, Relationshape, and product icons(Find out more in these articles; Creating Swingvy’s Key Visuals — Relationshape, Swingvy’s Key Visuals — Wallpaper).
As you can see from the examples below, we created Swingvy’s unique style by combining these key visuals.

If you’re interested to see more of these creative visuals, visit our website to explore more.

We believe the “Photography concept” works to deliver “People matter” better than ever. We hope you enjoyed reading how this big change came about and we’d like to share more through our blog posts of our thought processes on upcoming projects. Stay tuned!

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