The Story Behind Our Brand Refresh

Yu Jin Joh
Swingvy Design
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4 min readJun 17, 2021


Recently, we launched our new website that shows our refreshed brand image. As much as we loved our previous look, we feel the change has been a very successful one as it aligns closer to who we are as a business.

We invite you to join us as we walk through our brand refresh journey.

Always evolving

Evolving is in our DNA. We are a team that embraces constant change, not for the sake of change itself but to change for the better. Since we launched back in 2016, we’ve been continuously improving Swingvy for our customers to do more with ease, over time.

Helping small and medium-sized businesses to thrive

We believe that people are the most important part of every business. We also believe that technology can make an impact and play a meaningful role in helping businesses. That’s why Swingvy was launched; to help businesses (especially small to medium-sized ones) grow stronger and faster by providing them tools that make their lives that little bit easier.

The aim of our updated design is to emphasize how Swingvy is easy to use, intuitive, delightful and most importantly, human.

Building blocks that bring up human connection and their success at work

Our design and marketing team collaborated to pull out this project, together with Hyung Jun Jang who set the initial direction, and Ayush Jangra and his team Bruvvv, who worked to create a new visual identity.

While the logo is the most immediately visible and recognizable part of our brand, we also focused closely on developing an underlying system of colors, typography, forms, shapes, patterns, and photography.

Here are some of the improvements we made.

1. Logo

As you can see above, our logo has changed over the years, yet there’s been no drastic transformation to its symbol. Swingvy is still a new kid on the block and we wanted to maintain a consistent experience and expand our brand awareness. The symbol is important to us too, as it’s intended to show a literal meaning of ‘Swing-by’ (a change in the flight path of a spacecraft using the gravitational pull of a celestial body) which our brand is named after.

A swing-by enables spacecraft to get to the place they want, easier and faster. As such, this symbol is deeply rooted in our company mission — to help businesses to grow stronger and faster.

With that being said, we polished the logo to communicate the metaphor more clearly along with resolving legibility issues at smaller sizes.

2. Typography

Radikal typeface has served us well across our product and marketing touchpoints with its unique and quirky characters, but over the course of years, those sharp and unique geometric characters didn’t quite feel like us.

After extensive research, we decided to go with a new typeface called Circular which is well known for its friendly and neutral look. Its warmth and optimistic personality felt like the perfect match for ours. We believe this typeface has a timeless look that can stick with us for long and the legibility also has increased much more after applying it.

3. Colors

We’ve updated the palette to have extended shades and optimized tint levels among different palettes to be versatile in usage for both product and marketing sides. Our primary palette consists of neutrals, white, and blue to bring boldness to our brand which guides and highlights the important parts. Our secondary palette contains a variety of colors to keep things fresh and playful with warmth to impart confidence and optimism.

4. Visuals for human connection

‘People matter’ is our slogan and it’s what our brand stands for. We’re moving away from using illustrations predominantly. Instead, we decided to use photography that captures real people at their work. We have learned illustrations weren’t sustainable at scale and it was time to tell more of our customer success stories to which others can relate more. We’ve also created new key visuals using geometric solutions that impart the meaning of human connection.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we created key visuals check out these articles:

The journey continues

In the past couple of months, you might have seen other visuals we’ve shared at Swingvy that align with this new direction on our website, in our advertising, and in our product. We’ve also made brand guidelines and rolled out some practical assets like marketing templates and slide templates internally.

We look forward to sharing more of our design journey with you in our future blog posts.

We’re looking for passionate people to join the Swingvy team. Check out our careers page for more information.