Study: Millennials Prefer Time-Shifted Content More Than Live

These days when it comes to video content, millennials are still a primary target audience for advertisers and publishers who wish to promote their products and businesses. Millennials (adults age 18 to 34) spend 55% of their viewing time on time-shifted content and 45% on live. More importantly, they are willing to exchange information with advertisers, which leads to more relevant ads.

Now, time-shifting is great for the consumer, albeit it’s not so good for advertisers. As it turns out 38% of millennials will watch the entire ad if they are not required to. Meanwhile, 57% completely ignore the ad when they’re forced to watch one. Also, 66% skip a video ad the moment the ad pops up.

"Millennials clearly lead the pack in consuming streaming content — watching it when and where they want and, often, at the advice of predictive recommendations,” said Steve Koenig, senior director of market research at the CTA. “The influence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and widespread connectivity enables rapid discovery of new content and allows every generation to consume it how they want.”

Check out full study report at HERE!

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