SWIPE is proud to announce that its listing on Binance DEX is CONFIRMED for the 26th of September.

Malcolm Chang
Jul 23 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce that our proposal was successfully approved and we have been confirmed for listing on Binance DEX on the 26th of September! Our BEP-2 token, SWIPE.B will be available for trading under the pair: BNB / SWIPE.B

As SWIPE aims to be a market leader in Data monetisation in South East Asia, we are extremely excited with being part of Binance DEX because it will bring liquidity to every users who receive SWIPE tokens as rewards and allow data buyers from all regions to purchase our tokens to procure valuable data.

As many communities in South East Asia are unbanked, being able to access Binance DEX for liquidity is very important to us as it will allow us to bring value to those who need it most. SWIPE aims to reward users who contribute their data using any mobile application that has integrated our SWIPE SDK for encrypted data collection which enables the user to choose between data privacy or rewards for their data.

SWIPE uses blockchain for data protection, which is more secure compared to traditional data intermediaries in the market. Check out our SWIPE API endpoints for encryption and decryption utilities as well as data requests and re-encryption here: https://developer.swipecrypto.com

SWIPE have existing data buyers and existing data sellers (mobile app users in our ecosystem) who will kickstart our data economy within months from our tokens listing. Data Buying partners include Performars, GMO Research, Paneland and Acorn. Over 2 million users have already been onboarded in our SWIPE network via partnerships with various apps around South East Asia.

Lastly, we would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Binance DEX proposal by helping us to upvote and comment on it. We will not be here without you! To have a look at our proposal, here is the link: https://community.binance.org/topic/609/proposal-for-listing-swipe-tokens-swipe-b-on-binance-dex


SWIPE network incentivizes users to share their data anonymously while providing data buyers with auditable data products while allowing users to know how their data is being used. All data transactions are strictly enforced with smart contracts which provides traceability and accountability. We are empowering users with more control, knowledge and privacy of their data and building a data sharing model that benefits them and the data buyers who now have access to a trusted source of data. It is time to restore trust and accountability to how data is used and handled.

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Homepage: swipecrypto.com
Facebook: Swipe
Twitter: Swipe
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Telegram (EN): Swipe
Github: Swipe
Blockpost: https://blockpost.app/
SWIPE Datavault: https://swipecrypto.com/datavault/


Monetizing Mobile App Engagement on the Blockchain

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Blockchain enthusiast and Marketing guy for swipecrypto.com. Open minded, enjoys reading about alternative ideas and loves history.


Monetizing Mobile App Engagement on the Blockchain

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