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Ajay Thyagarajan
Jul 3, 2017 · 3 min read

While getting her hair done, Kylie Jenner found a “Happy Birthday day” filter of herself on Snapchat. She went on to claim that it wasn’t the $200K car, but a filter of her own, that she admired the most.

Custom snapchat geofilter
Kylie Jenner’s surprise birthday filter. Courtesy Snapchat.

You can do it too! You can now surprise best friends on their birthdays with their very own custom Snapchat filter starting at just $4.99. For a detailed description on how to make a custom Snapchat Geofilter, Click here.

We’ve compiled a list of few of the most popular birthday filters. You can customize all your filters at SwipeStudio. Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite.


Best snapchat filter for birthdays
Best snapchat filter for birthdays
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With the golden balloons, the sequenced font and the champagne glasses, this filter boasts celebrations. You can customize the filter further by adding texts, changing the fonts and colors, not to forget, choose from one of our 10,000 graphics to make it fun and customized.


Swipestudio- Custom Geofilter maker
Swipestudio- Custom Geofilter maker
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This filter features the fun geometric pink and gold garland, with the bright colored polka dots. Very simple yet chic template, perfect for those who dig a minimalistic look.


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Unicorns and pastels! It could not get cuter than this. The filter features the pastel unicorn with the fun girly font. You can customize it by adding texts and graphics.


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This filter is an awesome way to kick start your friend’s 21. It allows you to take full control of your design- something that is especially fun if you are a creative person.


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Make him feel like a king on his special day. This template features a crown along with the gold sachet. You can add in texts in the sachet or add in Bitmoji to give it a personal touch.


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This filter features the black borders with LED lights and the tiny sign board. You can add more texts, update the colours of the text, change font style and do more to completely personalize this Snapchat filter design.

Originally published at SwipeStudio Blog.


SwipeStudio is a marketplace for Snapchat Geofilters

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