Snapchat now has audience-based targeting for filters

Ajay Thyagarajan
Dec 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Why do we create content? Why do we go through this whole turmoil of what kind of content works for your brand and what doesn’t? Finally, for whom are we even doing this? You get three guesses.

Yes, for the audience. The mighty, mighty audience. We wouldn’t be able to exist without them!

Snapchat knows that too well. And they decided to create something in the advertisers’ favour. Snapchat introduced Audience Filters using which brands can now target a specific audience based on their behavioral attributes including age, gender, interests, and even the time of day.

We did some research and found the potential reach for each Snapchat Lifestyle Category in the US for both men and women of all ages —

Snapchat Audience Size
Snapchat Audience Size

What is Audience Filter and how is it different from Geofilters?

Filters are graphics overlays that people can apply on the images they click on Snapchat. Snapchat offers two kinds of filters — Audience and Geofilters.

Audience filters leverages the behavioural attributes of the audience your brand is targeting. With this, brands can aim to target people nationwide, or home in on certain regions (states, provinces, metro areas, etc) or ZIP codes.

With Audience Filters, you aren’t going in blind anymore. You’re going in with all the information and have a higher chance of hitting the bullseye. Snapchat’s audience filters lets you go to the granular level of targeting -

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of device they’re using
  • Snap Lifestyle Categories which are based on the interests of people using the app
  • Time of the day

Geofilters are location based and are unique to your brand. People will find the filter in the location that you’ve specified. This could be a specific store or even the entire country. Geofilters are a great way to connect with the Millennials. They can tell their friends where they are and what they’re doing without actually saying it. A picture has truly turned into a few hundred words! If you want to create a geofilter, try !

The difference between these two kinds of filters, as you may have understood by now, is in its targeting. While one is people and their practices oriented, the other is location based.

Are you meant for Audience Filters?

If you are a small and medium-sized advertiser with a target audience that’s largely on Snapchat, give a nod to Audience Filters. Snapchat has introduced a goal-based bidding option for these campaigns campaigns. This means that brands will be given the option to choose how much they want to pay each time someone uses their filter either in a private message or in their Story. Snapchat then tries to prioritise this filter for people who are most likely to use it in their Snap. Simply put, you pay for the reach you want. If you think your brand is well suited for the kind of arena Audience Filters plays in, give it a shot!


  1. Hit the bullseye!
    Brands may have a better chance of reaching their target audience. This targeting takes into account the person’s behavioural attributes and not just age or location. For example, a beauty products brand can target women of a certain age, interests, and based on the kind of Discover content they consume on Snapchat. This type of filter has the ability to allow brands to tailor make their ads to fit the purchasing habits of the brand’s audience.
  2. Hit the nail on the head!
    You can advertise different aspects or categories of your products with different filters. This could be based on time of the day — if your product has to target students who are at school all day, your filter can go live in the evening.

So, start finding your right audience! With Snapchat’s Audience Filters, they will now be an easy target.

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