Swipe October 2019 Updates

Nov 6 · 4 min read

Let’s take a look on the latest news and progress of Swipe this October:

Swipe Token Receives CertiK Certification

Swipe has chosen to perform a Smart Contract audit of its native cryptocurrency: Swipe Token (SXP) with CertiK. CertiK is a leading formal verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain audits. It ensures that SXP built on Ethereum is secure against some of the most critical vulnerabilities.

CertiK was chosen by Swipe to audit the design and implementation of the SXP smart Contract and Time-Lock Contract. In this Time-Lock Contract, the platform moved 60 million of the Founder and Advisor SXP tokens to a six-year locked contract. This period intends to organize the project while ensuring its maximum success.

Upon auditing both the SXP Token Contract and the Swipe Timelock Contract, CertiK found it to follow good practices and that the contracts are “structurally sound and not vulnerable to any classically known anti-patterns or security issues.”

Swipe holds its Very First Community Meetup

Swipe held the first Swipe Community Meetup in Africa to present its product line to the users in Africa and get into crypto with the digitally powered Swipe Token (SXP).

Swipe Sponsors Eurasia Blockchain Summit

Swipe sponsored the recently held Eurasia Blockchain Summit at Istanbul, Turkey from October 18 to 19, 2019. The blockchain summit, which was organized by Huobi Group and Kemer Partner, is the annual gathering of key industry leaders, government officials, mainstream companies, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. It aims to provide an opportunity where everyone can share and keep up-to-date of the latest developments in the industry.

Swipe Teams Up with Coinbase Custody

Swipe established a strategic relationship with Coinbase Custody to provide a custodial solution for its Swipe Wallet client deposits. Swipe users are ensured that their assets are safe and secure when making deposits onto the Swipe Wallet application as all user deposits, from supported coins, will be stored in Coinbase Custody.

Coinbase Custody is a qualified third-party custodian licensed as a fiduciary trust under the New York State banking laws. In addition to storing client’s assets in Coinbase Custody, Swipe will also utilize the Coinbase Pro for instant crypto to fiat conversions when transactions are performed on the Swipe Card and Swipe Wallet application. This will give users instant access to pay with their cryptocurrencies at over 40 million locations worldwide, where Visa is accepted.

Swipe Partners with BitGo for SXP Custody Services, Insurance, and more

Swipe’s partnership with BitGo would introduce a strategic partnership that will provide Swipe’s corporate capital with enforced security measurements, as each transaction will require a multi-signature approval which decreases the risk of hacking or key stealing.

It also allows for an emergency backup key that can be used to access funds should BitGo become insolvent or cease to exist. Custodial assets held completely by either BitGo, Inc., or BitGo Trust Company, are insured for up to $100 million through the insurance group Lloyd’s. The insurance will be covering the assets for hacks during foreign-party, physical damage or loss to private keys, and other problems.

CoinTiger Lists Swipe (SXP)

Swipe’s own native cryptocurrency Swipe Token (SXP) is now officially listed on CoinTiger users. SXP deposits are now open for users and trading has opened on Bitcoin and USDt markets (SXP/BTC & SXP/USDT). CoinTiger is a global and innovative digital assets exchange platform which provides multi-cryptocurrency trading service including multi-language support for blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

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