Q&A with Wildy Civil

Atlanta based photographer and founder of Civil Creations. Instagram Nikon Papi

Jun 17, 2019 · 4 min read

What do you find yourself overthinking about the most?

As an artist, I often find myself overthinking about success and failure. When I’m taking and editing photos I’m always wondering if it’s “good” –whether that be by my standards or other people’s. That kind of thinking can honestly drive you crazy. Since it’s probably bound to happen to every artist at some point, I’d say that it’s important to learn how to manage that kind of overthinking early on.

How do you deal with ‘what if’ and ‘should have’ thoughts if they play on your mind?

I won’t lie… it can be tough at times. I’d consider myself a fairly optimistic person, but I do have my pessimistic days as well. On those days I’ll question my choices a lot – wondering if I’m doing the “right” thing in that moment, or even with my life as a whole. I combat those thoughts by reminding myself that being happy comes first. Whatever I could or should have done is almost irrelevant as long as the choices I do make lead me to more happiness.

What do you do at night if your mind is swirling with thoughts?

Music is my main source of calmness. I’m a big fan of jazz and lofi hip-hop. I’ll put on a playlist and just relax or edit some photos for a while. Working can be therapeutic when you actually enjoy what you do. Watching anime helps a lot too.

When you feel overwhelmed what do you do to cope?

Deep breaths. I’m a thinker so I’ll usually have to analyze things and understand them fully before I can relax again. Being overwhelmed comes in levels so the recovery process can definitely vary based on what I’m going through.

How do you maintain balance?

I think my balance stems from a mindset of always doing what I can in every area of my life. Overall, I probably spend just as much time working as I do relaxing. Although I’ll admit that statement is likely hard to believe since I’m known for always being on the go. But while that may be true, I’ve found that it’s important not to overextend myself. When I start to do more than I’m currently capable of handling my balance tends to falter.

How do you open a conversation around mental health with someone who you feel is struggling?

I open the conversation with: “How are you feeling?” Most of us are used to being asked “are you okay?”, but that question gives us the opportunity to simply answer yes or no. Yes is almost always going to be the answer… even if it’s not true. Asking someone how they’re feeling opens the floor to anything they may wanna talk about. Things may even actually be “okay” but they still just want to talk. I think speaking our thoughts out loud is very important for our mental health.

How do you help someone constantly talking about their worries and seeking reassurance?

This can be tricky. Being there for that person as a listening ear is a great start. Another way to help is by providing them with a new perspective of their situation. Talking with that person and asking them the hard personal questions that they may be avoiding – as well as giving suggestions on how they could better their situation. One conversation may not solve all of their problems, but this level of care can set people on a path to helping themselves more effectively and growing into a more emotionally intelligent individual.

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