SWISH #007: My baby got an internship :-)

Welcome to the first issue of totally off season SWISH. It seems the ballers must be in nesting mode, as it’s been a quiet week for both public appearances and social media activity. This issue is thereby a ‘quickie.’ Lessgo:

Kelly Oubre Jr., Esquire Intern

My babybabybabybaby, Kelly Oubre Jr of the Washington Wizards aka “Wave Papi” (that’s what he calls himself), picked up a summer internship at Esquire, as a 21 year old on summer break does. “Waviest intern to ever do it,” he captioned one of the three photos he posted to Instagram of the internship.

In Cartier specs, a Givenchy knit, and Balenciaga sneakers with a Rolex on the wrist and Topman pants on the bottom because the formula is always, always high/low.

Not sure if the internship is done or something?? Because then he went to Germany on the weekend and I watched his Instagram Story and I can’t tell if he’s back. Look how good he looked though:

WHAT are these proportions even I’m in love
T-shirt tucked into jeans with belt is, like, my favorite look right now.

LeBron Finally Owns His Baldness

“Bald head nut!!” wrote Mr. James — long hiding and denying his gradual hair loss — on Instagram just days after his dear Cavs lost the ‘ship.

Now I’m not really interested in LeBron James or treating baldness like it’s cancer (I mean really, y’all, let’s just let women get soft and let men go bald and call it age and move on, honestly) so I don’t care about this story that much but I think it’s fine/good that he acknowledged. I mean what does he have to lose, honestly. He’s already the old guy. What, are they gonna roast him for being old? And then he just like performs beautifully and you can’t really say shit???

Final Days For Big Baller Brand Pre-Order

LaVar Ball, embarrassing dad of promising teen* Lonzo Ball, announced in an unnecessarily high-concept Twitter video that pre-orders for the $495 ZO2 shoe will end June 22. “Just like these grits are coming to a simmer, so is those shoes,” he said from his kitchen, stirring the pot literally and figuratively.

*Lonzo will be 20 come October 27 of this year which makes him — oh yes, oh baby — a fellow Scorpio.

Let’s hope a little rest does our guys good and they’re back with all kinds of Fash.In.An.Tics. next week.



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