Mini-CTF at Swiss Cyber Storm 2017

October 16th, 2017

Swiss Cyber Storm encourages all participants of this years Swiss Cyber Storm conference to visit the “Hacker’s Corner”. Grab one of the given CTF laptops and solve as many funny and easy challenges as you can in 30 minutes. Get a tombola ticket per challenge and put it into the tombola box. At the end of the conference, a Swiss Cyber Storm representative will serve as the good luck fairy and determines eight winners of the tombola drawing.

Get in Touch with Swiss Cyber Talents

The Swiss Cyber Talents 2017 will help you with the Mini-CTF challenges. Talk to them; get hints about the challenges or even better, how and why they participated in the European Cyber Security Challenge.

Swiss Cyber Security Team 2017

How it Works

The Mini-CTF provides eight different and easy cyber challenges. Every sponsor from the picture below is providing a challenge and a prize. Thus, the good luck fairy is drawing eight prizes. Keep in mind; you must be in the Hacker’s Corner for the Mini-CTF. It is not accessible from remote 8-)

Mini-CTF Website


The Mini-CTF is provided and run by Hacking-Lab, our partner for providing cyber security challenges and games. They provide remote and on-site CTF games, including jeopardy- and attack/defense competitions.