How to Follow the Progress of SwissBorg’s Referendum I

To share our excitement with you, we thought it would be good idea to update you on the progress of our first Referendum. Two days since voting began with 2293 of the votes cast and three days left we have Mobile App winning at 59.2% in terms of value but the Web App is winning in the number of actual votes. Mobile App had a total of individual of 1140 votes as of 10AM CET and Web App had 1153 individual votes.

If you have voted in SwissBorg’s first Referendum or are just curious and want to track the progress of the vote? Go to:

Click on the Mobile address or Web address and you will come to a page that will provide you with all the information you will need.

Mobile percentage = 151 / (104+151)*100 = 59.2%

Web percentage = 104 / (104+151)*100 = 40.8%

Then click on the Mobile address or the Web address to see the number of transfers for each. Below you can see the number of transfers for the Mobile App vote.