Meet Maxime Gillot : CIO at SwissBorg

Meet the SwissBorg Team

A little introduction

Originally a Ch’ti from North of France (special thanks to Dany Boon on this one who enabled us to say we are from there instead of telling we are just “from France” after giving back the pride of a whole region!), I have been lucky enough to be born a son of a teacher (Thanks Mom Nelle!), so I just had no credit for being an intellectual young boy as I just had to follow the social reproduction path as Bourdieu would point out. Very early on, I have always felt being a citizen of this world, being influenced by the Japanese culture of Shigeru Miyamoto and the American one thanks to Michael Jordan and Will Smith.

Following the “go discover the map of this world” as Link’s Uncle would advise, despite not having found my Zelda, I have lived on 4 different continents. Coming from a modest background, I developed trading strategies to finance my studies back in 2001 at 20 (special thanks to Pierre Bachelet and Hervé Christiani for writing songs I can relate to…! Private “Xennials generation” joke here…).

I found inefficiencies on the fixing market on French equities after reading pretty much every book of the Valor edition, with Martin Zweig as a prime influencer. After a High School in the US, Sciences Po Grenoble, the National University of Singapore and ESSEC Business School in Paris, I chilled as a Finance Analyst at the Economic Section of French Embassy in Tunisia as an International volunteer and finally did work a bit harder as a Hedge fund analyst for 5 years before creating the Hedge Fund shop Lemvi S.A. in 2012 ( I now run 4 different strategies respectively on crypto-currencies, commodities, equities, and a Multi-Strategy fund overseeing 10 traders.

As a hobby, inspired by men like Greg Popovich and David Stern, I have developed a passion for Basket-Ball which led me to become the president of the Basket-Ball Club of Lausanne between 2012 and 2015 and achieved the 2014 LNB Swiss title (little credit as Derrick Lang did everything that year…).

Maxime’s first steps into the crypto world

It seems obvious that crypto assets, more than cryptocurrencies in my opinion, will change capitalism as a whole. Even if we tend to focus on the transferring features of crypto currencies, which are interesting indeed, the new concept of ICOs seems far more fascinating.

An ICO enables a company to do an IPO right from the start of its life cycle, multiplying its growth potential. Furthermore it allows to liquify any types of assets, from Art to Real Estate. This access to capital, thanks to this worldwide system close to the crowdfunding one, enables a company to avoid being limited in its perspectives or going through expensive venture capitalist deals as the source channels are already global. So not only cryptocurrencies can replace your SWIFT system and your check but it can also be an alternative to Venture Capitalists and IPOs. Not to mention the smart contracts, soon reshaping notaries or back office processes. It is so disruptive that it will most likely create an innovation spiral as Joseph Schumpeter would point out. The fact that it is extremely cheap on top of being fast adds to the value of this innovation. Building a financial institution around this new technology, with payment solutions, access to investment funds and providing liquidity through an exchange will surely add value to our investors and future customers. This is why, Crypto Currencies and Assets, are clearly here to stay in my opinion.

Maxime at SwissBorg

Joining Swissborg specifically is a mix of various factors: most importantly the people within the team have the 3 skills I always seek in business partners: they are honest, competent and hardworking. Over my modest experience, I found these are the 3 most useful qualities to have to create value on the long run.

Now, to enjoy the trip, 2 more qualities are a must: humor and an ability to have a philosophy for everything you do. This is what you will surely find in our CEO.

Under the leadership of Cyrus and Anthony, I find that this project is very well placed to become a major actor in the financial crypto space. Creating a “cyber bank” is quite innovative as the link between the off-chain/on-chain worlds and even between fiat and crypto currencies can clearly be strengthened. Switzerland is likely to be the right place to create such a venture, given the financial, entrepreneurial and stable culture of this country. All planets seem aligned to make this project a success, and I sure hope to make my modest contribution to the building.

What Max will do at SwissBorg

As a CIO, I am overseeing all investment schemes, including buy and hold strategies, arbitrage, lending, ICO participations, trade implementation optimization through derivatives like futures and options, relative value and long/short, deep value and event driven ones.

Our aim will be to gather long term investors with us as we grow together. I will also be in charge of the efficient use of capital within the firm to ensure its growth and to develop different projects with various investment vehicules such as on-chain and off-chain funds, developing a crypto asset exchange or participating in the tokenization of traditional funds, enabling them to get access to a new source of asset raising.

I will also assist the team, helped by my 4 Master Degrees respectively in economics, finance, strategy and marketing, and my experience as an independent manager, to always remain with the right mindset as creating the right culture is something of the most importance for any successful venture. I will follow the spirit and footsteps of the 2 men I admire most: Warren Buffett and Ralph Waldo Emerson.