SwissBorg ICO Competition Begins!

We take great pride in the success of our SwissBorg ICO, that took place a little less than a year ago, and want to share our experience, expertise and financial support with promising projects on the blockchain. To give a boost to innovative ICOs and help expand the blockchain ecosystem we are launching an ICO Competition to select the best project to host on our ICO platform. The winner of our ICO competition will be able to:

  • Tap into our technological expertise: have access to a secure & customizable holistic platform.
  • Consult expert advisers: receive strategic advice & feedback from top executives, financial professionals, tech experts and community partners in the vast SwissBorg ecosystem.
  • Access investors and capital: the contest will give projects the opportunity to pitch their ICOs to investors and network in the blockchain space. The winning start-up will find it easier to launch their ICO and fundraise with our ICO package.

A few months ago, our community participated in a referendum deciding which sector to engage on SwissBorg’s ICO platform once our products and services are launched. “Gaming” won to become the first sector to be incubated on our platform.

In many ways, gaming and the blockchain are a perfect fit. They attract the same demographic and dwell in the same virtual realm. We believe Blockchain technology will redefine the gaming industry and will be able to fix some of the critical problems that the industry is currently facing. The gaming industry with an estimated global audience of between 2.2 and 2.6 billion users and with projected revenue of US $137 billion in 2018, will no doubt contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

To motivate and engage our community and stay true to our philosophy of meritocracy, we have established a referral program to reward anyone who introduces an ICO competitor or a Cyborg analyst who will judge the competition. The reward will be higher for referring projects and analysts who pass our qualifications than those who only register, in the following manner:

  • For referring a project that registers & pays: 500 CHSB
  • For referring a project that qualifies: 1250 CHSB
  • If you introduce an advisor who is registered and stacked: 200 CHSB
  • For advisors who qualify: 500 CHSB

SwissBorg aims to both empower promising ICOs and to play a pivotal role in the growth of the blockchain universe. We are calling on all prospective DAOs that have yet to complete or launch their ICOs, analysts who want a chance to judge a project, and community members who can make referrals, to join us in this venture in sharing wisdom, financial support and experience.

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