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Oct 25, 2018 · 3 min read

SwissBorg Launches Community Ambassador Program!

Ready to be more involved in the blockchain industry? Here is your chance to test your skills, get rewarded, AND to:

  • Access to Blockchain High Profile Experts
  • Network with Like-Minded People
  • Participate in Exclusive Workshops
  • Learn from Leaders of the Crypto Space

To improve our connection with our vast community of SwissBorg token holders we have launched the Community Ambassador Program, which will give the opportunity to the best and most engaged and dedicated members to act as ambassadors between the SwissBorg team and the community. The primary role of the ambassadors will be to manage and develop our community in their respective cities, countries, and regions.

The CAP is a unique opportunity to network and learn from experts. The SwissBorg Community Ambassador will have the chance to meet and exchange ideas with renowned experts, improve his/her knowledge through exclusive workshops, and network with like-minded people.

Staying true to our concept of meritocracy, we will reward the SwissBorg Ambassadors for their work, which will not entail more than a couple of hours a week. The Ambassadors will be remunerated for promoting and representing SwissBorg and will be incentivised through monthly competitions, events and workshops. The SBCA who excels in developing and serving the SwissBorg community will be given the opportunity to evolve in the SwissBorg ecosystem and shoulder more responsibilities such as becoming a Community Manager who will collaborate more closely with the team.

We have successfully created an online Community Committee where engaged community members contribute their ideas and feedback to the SwissBorg project. Community Committee members will be given the opportunity to be the beta testers of our Investment App and future products. These members were chosen because they showed high levels of commitment and passion supporting SwissBorg’s development. Also, they have played an invaluable role and have spent countless hours answering questions and sharing the SwissBorg vision far and wide.

As we approach the launch of the SwissBorg Investment App we want to make sure that our ecosystem is international, inclusive, and community-centric. With some twenty-five thousand individual token holders and a much bigger community spread across the world contributing to our ICO, we are deeply committed to the SwissBorg community. The wealth management platform of the future has to include the community it serves if it is to be genuinely disruptive, de-centralised and fair. Removing the big institutional intermediaries, the complicated processes, and exorbitant fees to give ordinary individuals the ability to own and control their wealth can only take place within a framework of respects and embraces the community.

If you are engaged and dedicated SwissBorg community member who wants to become a Community Ambassador to grow SwissBorg in your region and help spread our vision, please apply:
CAP Application form

(The Community Committee members and Community Ambassadors will not receive any privileged/exclusive information and will not receive information before the rest of the community. All community members are equal and will receive the same news at the same time.)


Control Your Wealth

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Control Your Wealth

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