SwissBorg teams up with ETHLend to reshape a new financial era

Cyborg @SwissBorg
Jan 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Why Are Asset Backed Loans playing a central role in finance?

Asset financing is typically used in traditional finance by individuals and corporations to borrow against assets that they own currently. Inventories, machineries and even buildings or warehouses may be offered as collateral on a loan. Asset Backed Loans are a very powerful tools offered by banks to their elite clients to facilitate their liquidity management.

What is EthLend?

ETHLend is decentralized peer to peer lending application and protocol running on top of Ethereum network. By using ETHLend, borrowers can use ERC-20 tokens as a collateral to borrow Ethereum cryptocurrency to unlock long-term token investments for trading, participating in ICOs or to finance any goal. Within 3 weeks of launching, users on ETHLend have borrowed over 600 000 USD worth of Ethereum in the first ever decentralized lending market.

Why is it of any interest for SwissBorg?

As you are probably aware, SwissBorg is disrupting traditional financial services by creating a meritocratic wealth management platform in the cryptospace. Keeping close to our heart performance and capital preservation, in a highly volatile and changing market, we are constantly challenged to find the best way to implement various investment strategies. Therefore, the ETHLend partnership is a perfect match, both in terms of investments liquidity facilitation and corporate DNA.

How will SwissBorg leverage that partnership?

To illustrate how SwissBorg will use ETHLend services here is a small example of the multiple possibilities this partnership will offer us :

In the pre-ICO bucket of our Cryptallion Token Hedge Fund project, the ERC-20 tokens in which we will invest, but that are not yet listed, could be pledged against ETH, providing immediate liquidity to optimize our fund management and performance. By using ETHLend, we liquidate temporary illiquid assets.

What’s next?

We can think of many more synergies and ways to use ETHLend liquidity facilitations for SwissBorg investment management division and will share with you when, where, and how these will be implemented.

Being firm believers in the swarm intelligence, this partnership is a great example of swarming both companies and communities, enhancing the cohesion of the crypto space and advancing it to the next level.


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Cyborg @SwissBorg

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