The ICO Finished, the Hard-Cap Reached!

We are extremely grateful for your support of SwissBorg!

Within the first 4 hours of our ICO we reached our 5 million CHF soft cap goal. That was exciting. We then reached the hard cap of 50,000,000 CHF one day ahead of the final date of the ICO.

Thanks to over 20k SwissBorg community enthusiasts who have joined us in this adventure so far. We will now continue to work hard to achieve our next goals.

What is next?

  • All the tokens will be allocated by January 31st, including bonus, referral bonus, bounty chest;
  • We will ask you to add your ERC 20 wallet on the dashboard, in mid-January, never through email, to send you the CHSB tokens;
  • From February 1st, the CHSB Token will be listed on HitBTC and Livecoin exchanges, more listings will be announced in the coming days;
  • You MUST pass the KYC/AML procedure if the funds you contributed are higher than or equivalent to 5000 CHF in total. The procedure will be open around mid-January.

Please do not send any more funds to your address, they will not be accepted.


Q: I purchased tokens but can not see the amount on my dashboard, why?
A: Please be patient, we need time to check and process all transactions, you should see it by the end of the week;

Q: Can I withdraw my tokens directly to the exchange? When?
A: Yes you can, starting from February 1st and after the KYC/AML procedure is passed (if needed);

Q: How do I transfer CHSB tokens to my wallet or MEW? 
A: Requisites will appear on your Dashboard automatically in mid-January;

Q: Do you have a forecast for the price of the tokens when it starts trading?
A: The starting price will be the same as for the ICO — 0.1 CHF, after that, the market will decide;

Q: If I made the deposit or transfer in crypto near the time of ICO ended, will I receive my tokens?
A: Yes, if you made a transaction before the ICO was finished — 21:50 (CET)on 9 Jan and it was confirmed before the end of the day 23:59:59 on the 9 of Jan;

Q: How can I buy more tokens now?
A: You can buy the CHSB token in the secondary market starting from February 1st.

SwissBorg Team Loves You!


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