What the GIF? Are you Emoji bro?

For the past weeks, we’ve been testing and improving two new capabilities inside Thingthing.

  1. A very simple way of sharing GIFs
  2. Making the use of emojis more friendly for users

Let’s start with Trendy GIFs…

Trendy GIFs inside Thingthing

Trendy GIFs

When you see Messaging evolve through time, it’s interesting to see how users type and spice up their messages with GIFs. GIFs as such are very popular and several keyboards are good at doing only this.

However, we’ve seen users starting to be less comfortable about switching between multiple keyboards. So here’s my question:

Is the future about having to switch between 12 keyboards or having the core features under one roof, in the most brutal and simple way possible?

From all the feedback we’ve collected, we now understand that the future is about creating an awesome typing experience as well as providing an amazing and indispensable set of functionalities that users will use every single day.

For me, this is all about identifying the “latent needs”, or in other words: a frustration that someone cannot actually put in words. For example:

“yeah, there’s something but…I don’t know…perhaps it’s about this…”

When, in reality, it’s not about what they are trying to say. It’s about something else.

Predictive emojis

Predictive emojis

Our typing engine is powerful enough to achieve much more than correct your misspells and predict the next word you want to input.

Today, we’re proud to present what we call Predictive Emojis, one of many things we will ship. Both, to offer a benefit people are (latently) asking for and show the vast possibilities of our engine.

So…what do you think of all this addition to Thingthing? Is messaging all about GIFs and Emojis? It is sure in the mix but it’s not ALL about this!

— Thingthing team

P.S. We’re on a quest for brutal simplicity because we want to find the right balance between too much and too little for our users.

Olivier is the co-founder of Thingthing Ltd., a young and dynamic company with the ambition to build the future of messaging.

Today, Thingthing simple and straighforward UX/UI lets users easily share docs, photos, calendar availabilties and more while messaging. We’ve won many awards, been in the press and we’re backed by amazing mentors, advisors and investors.

Tomorrow, we believe the future will be one where switching between apps, single-function keyboards and languages will be obsolete.