WhatsApp…Thingthing is better than you

WhatsApp has just launched (what they call) file sharing and we wanted to lay down what it really means for people working in mobility.

So, here we go…WhatsApp? Thingthing is still faster and really tailored to the user looking to increase their productivity in mobility.

1. Thingthing is limitless

WhatsApp UX journey counts 4 steps to reach what you want to share (not including the navigation required inside Dropbox!…so add about 4 extra steps… Here’s what they offer:

With Thingthing, this is 1 step. Calculate this over a year and you get a hell lot of money saved for a startup, company or SMB.

2. Thingthing lets you attach everything, not only PDFs

WhatsApp lets you only attach PDFs and lacks the ability to share entire folders

Thingthing lets you share everything: files, folders, documents, pdfs, docx, …name it.

3. Thingthing is available in every messaging app

Well, WhatsApp is not the only messaging app people use. Period.

Thingthing is build for hyper-productive individuals. People who have little time and want to make the most of it.

We try harder.

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Olivier is the co-founder of Thingthing Ltd., a young and dynamic company with the ambition to build the future of messaging.

Today, Thingthing simple and straighforward UX/UI lets users easily share docs, photos, calendar availabilties and more while messaging. We’ve won many awards, been in the press and we’re backed by amazing mentors, advisors and investors.

Tomorrow, we believe the future will be one where switching between apps, single-function keyboards and languages will be obsolete.