Why privacy is so important for someone
using a third-party keyboard

Last weekend, our team had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Berlin.

In a vibrant event called People in beta, we met a lot of new faces, exciting new startups and pitched Thingthing in front of a energetic audience. And we ended up winning a prestigious prize from hub:raum.

Day of the Betapitch

At this event, it came out so crystal clear how privacy is crucial for people. Especially when you are a company building a iOS keyboard.

Here’s why.

I met with new users of Thingthing, and after chatting about how it all started and why we’re solving this problem now, it quickly jumped to questions about privacy. For example:

I don’t want your company to see everything I write or share! Is it secure?
What can you see? Do you have access to my content?
With the latest privacy leaks, how do I make sure my data is safe?

Now, I personally think that these types of questions are the most important ones when it comes to building a successful company. What makes a great company is one you can fully trust. And trust is an intangible notion we can’t really touch.

Trust is an intangible notion we can’t really touch

Trust is something that can take several years to build and also be destroyed in a matter of seconds. This is why you need strong principles and de facto, a company putting privacy in front of everything.

And no, it’s not only about being reliable and providing the best experience to users. It’s about caring for human values. Making every inch of your business approachable, human and meaningful for people.

So, coming back to keyboards.

We use our OS keyboard more than 23h per week on average!! Can you imagine how much words that mean? Average individual types 43 words/minX(60X23) = 59,340 per week. Now, all of this makes a lot of stories, personal ones.

Now, imagine someone untrustworthy, unprofessional and irresponsible tapping into everything you write? Storing it for the sake of improving their experience.

But there’s hope, we are taking this seriously at Thingthing. In fact, we don’t store any data. Period. We don’t want too either.

You’ll never be our product. We are YOUR product.

I’ll leave you with this, as a users of other apps, I wouldn’t be happy if even a tiny bit of what I say or share was accessed by any mean! In fact, this company/individual would lose me completely and I would probably tell all my followers on Twitter as well as my surroundings about it. And even if I discovered it later, I would do the same and feel deeply abused & betrayed.

Let’s build a
better future

- Thingthing team

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