Crafting an Archival Brand Film

The Story of Bharat : From Craft to Luxury

May 17, 2020 · 6 min read

A brand film for a 100 year old company

Spectrum of Bharat’s Heritage

The Story of Bharat : The BFT Brand Film

The film
mapping the information into sections that flowed from one to the other
The first draft was time travel — we started with the present, went into the past came back to the present and projected the future.

It became an obvious choice for us to build on the distinctive design of the BFT tiles themselves to create the visual style for the film.

beautiful anecdotes and low resolution pictures created an interesting challenge and constraint that led to adapting a fresh visual language.
dabbling with the textures
marrying the vintage photograph
a successful marriage
extending the language to other areas which would have been off limits — it makes a huge difference when the client trusts us.
initial explorations were very busy and overwhelming.
experiments that worked
crane shot without a crane.
storyboard before shooting the intense segment of live action hands demonstrating the secret process of BFT. we designed it to be abstract yet clear.
taking the real
building the abstract

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