🗳 Announcing the State of Switch Survey 2019

Share your thoughts on Nintendo’s hybrid

Nintendo’s enjoying a great deal of success with their latest hardware, with the Switch having now sold over 30 million units in under two years. In fact, the Switch launched worldwide on March 3, 2017, so its second anniversary is just around the corner.

With that milestone approaching, I’m back again with a short survey that tries to put into focus what people think about the machine, its library of games and more.

A little background: I ran the State of Switch survey for the first time last year, and over 1,500 people responded. Who am I? Well, I’m Chris Brandrick — I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was around 6, and I publish a weekly email digest on all things Switch. I run this survey mainly out of a curiosity, as a way to just check in with the Nintendo community on how they think Nintendo are doing in the Switch era.

I shared the results of last year’s survey here, complete with plenty of graphs and data for you to dig into.

Anyway, on to this year’s set of questions: I ask about your library of games, your play style, what titles you’re looking forward to, whether you’re a paying Switch Online member and more. Oh, and even if you don’t have a Switch, I have questions for you too.

It should take around 10-to-12 minutes to complete, and it’s mobile friendly. So it shouldn't take you too long to tap through and add your thoughts. I’d really appreciate it if you do!

The results will hopefully paint a picture of how people are using their Switch, and if that’s evolved since last year.

I’ll be sharing the results in full once the survey is complete (it will be closing around March 3). The results will be first be shared in my Switch Weekly newsletter, and will then be shared wider — including here on Medium.

You can follow both Switch Weekly and my personal Twitter for further updates if you’re interested.

Again, you can find the survey here, and here’s a tweet to spread the word if that’s your bag.

Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts.