Here’s all the ways in which you can play ARMS on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s upcoming fighter ARMS is due to arrive on the Switch in just a few months — the game features a roster of quirky brawlers all of which have some form of extendable fist, meaning you can land a punch on your opponent from a comfortable distance.

In order to boost interest for the game Nintendo recently held an online demo, dubbed a ‘Global Testpunch’, so those with a Switch can give ARMS ago ahead of its release next month.

As any Nintendo Switch owner will know, the console presents a multitude of ways to play, not only by way of on the TV or in handheld mode, but also thanks to the versatile control options the new console offers. ARMS takes full advantage of this flexibility, offering a whole range of control schemes.

Here’s a quick run down of the control options on offer:

The control schemes on offer include:

  • Thumbs-Up Grip: This is the default way to play, using motion-controls to land punches, with a Joy-Con in each hand to represent each fist.
  • Joy-Con Grip: A more traditional controller set-up.
  • Handheld Mode: The same traditional controller layout as the above, but in a portable style.
  • Joy-Con sideways: This is how you’ll play two-player with one console.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: Like the Joy-Con Grip in terms of button configuration, but using the classic, roomier controller.

ARMS is out for the Nintendo Switch on June 16.

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