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2 min readOct 25, 2023



At Switchboard, our mission is to enable and empower every developer. In this article, we’ll be discussing our expansion to Monad and how developers building on Monad can maximize and capitalize on our off-chain infrastructure.


Monad is an Ethereum compatible Layer-1 blockchain with 10,000 tps of throughput, 1-second block times, and single-slot finality. Monad accomplishes these performance improvements through the introduction of several major innovations such as Parallel and Deferred Execution, MonadBFT and MonadDb.Switchboard is excited to be announced as the first partner of Monad’s ecosystem, and being the backbone infrastructure to support its ecosystem!

Monad x Switchboard Partnership

Switchboard: “​​Our expansion to Monad is a testament to our shared commitment to drive innovation and growth. We’re thrilled to work closely with Monad and its ecosystem to deliver exciting applications to the end users.”

Smart Oracles for Monad’s Smart Contracts

Traditional oracle solutions are basic; they provide a fixed set of data and can’t offer full customizability to your solutions. Switchboard V3 revolutionizes the oracle industry, utilizing Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to enable verifiability of oracle software and its code executions (that you dictate!).

Switchboard Functions equip developers with a best-in-class oracle tool to build world class applications for Monad’s end users. Switchboard Functions are dynamic. They can perform as a Data Feed, Randomness, Automation, or other custom off-chain computations capable of accessing Secrets (private/gated data). A smarter oracle for Monad’s smart contracts.

Monad: “We’re incredibly excited that Switchboard is joining the fast-growing Monad ecosystem. The customizable features of Switchboard Functions and high performance of Switchboard Smart Oracle will power DeFi applications that offer superior features and lower fees than their centralized alternatives, allowing DeFi to consume CeFi.”

Read more about Switchboard V3’s Smart Oracles!

Switchboard V3 Smart Oracle X Post

Expansion Timeline

Switchboard plans to deploy on day 1 of Monad Mainnet and we’re thrilled to put on our Monad Hat and announce the Switchboard Expansion to Monad!

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It’ll be electrifying.

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