Switchboard Wrap Up 2023

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4 min readDec 31, 2023


Switchboard Wrap Up 2023

Switchboard wishes our operators, developers and blockchain users a very happy new year! This article will highlight the journey we’ve been through in 2023 and discuss what to look out for in 2024:

  • Notable achievements
  • The Switchboard Engineer
  • The Switchboard Experience
  • The Switchboard Expansion
  • The Switchboard Ecosystem

Notable achievements in 2023

Before we continue to embark on the oracle journey, let’s slow down and take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far in 2023.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Switchboard Ecosystem and our beloved developer community for testing, pushing and improving our product with us. Building a fully permissionless and customizable oracle protocol takes precision and commitment, we’ll continue to push boundaries and develop breakthroughs to ensure a robust and developer-first oracle solution.

The Switchboard Experience

Throughout this and last year, the Switchboard App has proved to be incredibly helpful for both developers and non-developers alike. It continues to be the only oracle app in the industry, allowing for seamless and permissionless development of Switchboard’s web3 services — public and private data feeds, off-chain functions and verifiable randomness.

Feed Builder

The Feed Builder is a drag-n-drop tool that enables developers to build within our Task Runner — a sandbox with predetermined set of task types. These task types such as httpTask , lpExchangeTask , multiplyTask , etc, provides the necessary building blocks to architect different “jobs” within your data feed, essentially acting as various sources for oracles to fetch from and aggregate.

“Permissionless Oracle for Permissionless DeFi.”

The Feed Builder has seen large popularity amongst both developers and your humble end user, for various use cases such as DeFi, NFT perps, insurance, etc.

Function Account Builder

The Function Account Builder is a simple interface for developers to create their associated FunctionAccount that is required to utilize their off-chain Switchboard Functions. Functions is an all-in-one service where it can perform as a data feed, a randomness generator, risk engine, etc.

This is enabled due to our V3 iteration where oracles are operating in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), allowing for verifiable, tamperproof off-chain executions.

Secrets Manager

The Secrets Manager is a tool for developers to create, update, delete their secrets key stored in a secure environment. These secrets are utilized in conjunction with Functions, enabling the capability to read data from private/gated sources without leaking your keys to the oracles, RPCs or on to the blockchain.

Post Management Tool

“With great permissionless-ness comes great responsibility.”

Since developers design their own feeds, functions and other solutions based on their exact protocol needs, the Switchboard App brings a complete developer experience to ensure developers are equipped with necessary data, logs, alerts, immediate actions to allow post-management and monitoring all in one place.

To wrap it up,

We’re actively in discussion with partners and teams to continuously improve on the Switchboard Experience such as developer tooling, documentation and examples. Help us help you by filling up this form or reach out to us through social media platforms (Discord, X)!

The Switchboard Expansion

1 of our top priorities for 2023 was to bring the Switchboard Experience to a multi-chain level. We’re proud to have natively implemented on these new ecosystems! Check out this Medium page to see which ecosystem we’ve implemented on.

Switchboard’s ultimate goal is to empower ALL developers, regardless of which blockchain, programming language, etc the ability to utilize smart oracles for smarter contracts. With that, in 2024, stay tuned for more announcements on the Switchboard Expansion — Bringing the Switchboard Experience to a multi-chain level!

The Switchboard Ecosystem

Check out our community dashboard on Flipside to find out about the products built on top of Switchboard and our leaderboard of top users!

Expansion leads to a bigger Ecosystem

As we expand to multiple blockchains, the Switchboard Ecosystem evidently grows faster and stronger. Despite the variety of products already built on top of us, there are many uncharted opportunities for interesting products using off-chain functions — such as insurance protocols, decentralised prediction markets, real world assets, etc.

Hackathons and workshops

In 2024, we’re planning to conduct larger scale workshops & hackathons! This will ultimately provide both new and experienced developers to learn and build something cool with Switchboard. If you’re keen to build with us or help educating others about Switchboard, reach out to us through social media platforms (Discord, X) to discuss about a Switchboard Ambassador Program!

Wrap Up 2023

Once again, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and cheers to the new year! We’ve achieve great feats in 2023 but let’s continue to embark on our oracle journey into 2024 with greater heights to conquer!

As we move forward, we’re looking for rockstars to join us in building the Switchboard protocol for developers just like yourself and enable them to build the next generation of blockchain applications!

All types of contributors across the board (such as marketing, community, smart contract development, etc) are welcomed! If Switchboard sounds interesting to you, reach out to us on Discord or send your resume to jobs@switchboard.xyz!