Legendaries Are Impossible to Catch

As a lifelong Pokémon fan, I understand the difficulty that comes with catching legendaries. I’ve played every major main series Pokémon RPG and was incredibly excited when Niantic launched Pokémon GO last year. Unfortunately it has taken a year to get legendaries to appear in the game. This week Lugia and Articuno became available in raid battles. Niantic has made these creatures harder to catch than in any other Pokémon game giving them a capture rate of 2% (now 3%…seriously). I’ve encountered several Articunos, even getting lucky enough to defeat and get the opportunity to catch one. Unfortunately Articuno ran away because of the fact that you are given a few premiere balls instead of getting to use the ones you’ve already picked up in your bag. I believe I had 7 balls, all no different than a standard poké ball. I also have participated in Lugia raid battles, but the CP is so high on Lugia that a group of trainers with strong creatures couldn’t take it down.

Now I’m not the best Pokémon GO player, but I am level 22 and have several powerful pokémon in my account. And like I said above, I’m a diehard lifelong pokémon fan and player. So Niantic, why can’t I catch a damn Lugia?