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An entirely innovative approach means always to be ready to resolve any tasks without wasting time doing routine preparations.

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So far, there is a huge variety of techniques, written countless useful books and programs. Some of them are of great help. Others are simply useless. All those are created only for one purpose: to increase the overall working productivity as quickly and efficiently as possible to achieve a variety of goals in business or education.

In the article, we will consider such a well-known problem as preliminary preparation on which every day we waste the most valuable resource that we have — our time.

What is “preliminary preparation”? Why is this a problem? Is there a modern and practical way to solve it?

The answers to these questions and the solutions you can find in our article.

Do enjoy reading it!

The Problem of Preliminary Preparation

The formula of any task.

In the course of solving various tasks every day, very likely many other people and I face that annoying problem called preliminary preparation. It is the moment before starting to deal directly with a problem-solving process, we spend an enormous amount of time searching for and opening important programs, as well as the arrangement of windows in a certain order and sequence for a particular task.

“Preliminary Preparation” is a routine process of preparing your work space before starting the actual process of solving any task.

For example, such tasks may be design, programming, accounting, brainstorming, technical documentation or article writing and much more. Switching between them makes you counterproductive and can be a big headache:

First Task

  1. Searching for programs;
  2. Launching them;
  3. Arranging program windows in specific order and sequence;

Second Task

  1. Searching for programs;
  2. Launching them;
  3. Arranging program windows in specific order and sequence;

Third Task

  1. Searching for programs;
  2. Launching them;
  3. Arranging program windows in specific order and sequence;

And so on…

Just count how much time you waste every day preparing your workspace before starting the actual work.

Personal Note: I managed to calculate this time amount, and I was horrified how much time goes for nothing.


Having faced the problem described above, I began looking for its solution. Unfortunately, the time I spent googling brought forth no results relating to this issue. Most of the existing programs in the market resolve entirely different tasks. It seemed that there was no way out, and we would have to return to that routine hell again. However,

The new formula.

My colleague (Artur Balabanskyy) and I (Ivan Cucer) decided to get rid of the problem once and for all. So we created a truly revolutionary product Switchem.

Switchem is a productivity tool for those who value their time and want to automate their workday routine.

Why Switchem Can Become the Right Tool for You

Applications in groups. Switch between groups for total productivity customization.

With our experience of solving various problems and more than 15 years in the field of software development, with a great desire to change the world for the better, we found that Switchem is, in fact, an application without which it is just impossible to work nowadays.

Further, I am going to explain some main reasons why I think that Switchem is a great and irreplaceable tool for you.

First Reason. Switchem allows you to save an enormous amount of time.

Whenever I start working on a task, the process of searching and opening needed programs, arranging windows in a specific order and sequence takes up the precious time that I could have spent on solving other tasks. This conventional process is quite annoying too. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. Year by year. Decade by decade. Century by century.

Eureka! Why do I keep tormenting myself with this tedious job when I can just automate this process?

Switchem — A productivity tool for MacOS for those who love multitasking in all workflows.

Switchem makes this process a lot easier:

  1. To start, just open all the needed programs;
  2. Arrange them in the right sequence;
  3. Create a new group using a straightforward and familiar shortcut ⌥ (Option/Alt) + ⇥ (Tab) or selecting the appropriate item on the menu (icon in the Status Menus);
  4. Tick them;
  5. Optionally tick the Customize Settings checkbox to create a group name.
  6. Our group is ready! Repeat all the actions again to create other groups.

After creating the groups, it is easy to switch between them using ⌥ (Option/Alt) + ⇥ (Tab) shortcut.

In just one second, the workspace is ready!

Second Reason. Find the right application in the ocean of other applications in one second.

While trying to solve a variety of tasks, I always encounter the issue of millions of windows. It gets me very annoyed when I have to search for a particular window repeatedly. I would not even like to mention how much time I happen to be wasting.

Millions of windows. Find the right application in the ocean of other applications in one second.

In just a second you can find that window you have been searching for as it is right in front of you. Thanks to Switchem and its groups!

Third Reason. No more overlapping windows.

At the top of the list of my most annoying experiences will be when random windows continually break across the entire area of the main windows.

For example:

  1. While working on a particular group of windows set in a definite sequence;
  2. At some point, I will then open an additional window temporarily;
  3. To return to the previous window area, I need to open each window once again, one at a time.
No more overlapping windows.

Switchem and its groups gets rid of the problem swiftly.

Fourth Reason. Automating the way routine windows work.

Have you ever wondered the possibility of switching between tasks quickly and automatically? And what if you could do it instantly with a single click? I have been thinking about it every day.

Automating the way routine windows work.

Pass the time-consuming part of your daily task to someone who will do it for you much faster.

Fifth Reason. Workspace personalization.

At times I will have tasks in which I had to locate the same window of variant sizes in various parts of the screen.

Switchem can quickly and easily move and resize all windows depending on the group selected.

Sixth Reason. Switch efficiently between windows, in the same group.

When you work with several programs in a group, there is a necessity to switch between them as quickly as possible.

Switch between windows, in the same group.

It is easy to do it with Switchem and the simple shortcut ⌃ (Control) + ⇥ (Tab). A ⌃ (Control) + ~ or § allows you to jump between windows in reverse direction.

Seventh Reason. Convenient and familiar keyboard shortcuts.

We are all used to switching between programs with ⌘ (Command) + ⇥ (Tab), aren’t we? It is just convenient and does not require extra words.

Switchem is the best companion for ⌘ (Command) + ⇥ (Tab)! No need to learn new shortcuts. Just remember ⌥ (Option/Alt) or add your shortcuts.

Default Shortcuts.
  • ⌥ (Option/Alt) + ⇥ (Tab) = Show group switcher
  • ⌥ (Option/Alt) + ~ or § = Selecting a group in reverse direction
  • ⌃ (Control) + ⇥ (Tab) = Selecting a window in current group
  • ⌃ (Control) + ~ or § = Selecting a window in reverse direction
  • ⌥ (Option/Alt) + 19 = Selecting a group by number
  • ⌥ (Option/Alt) + 0 = Create a new group


Switchem is a real time and nerve saver! Frankly speaking, my work has become much easier. Daily routine automation gives me a huge benefit and, most importantly it saves me a lot of time that I can spend on performing other tasks, which has resulted in higher productivity for me.

I hope that this article has been of great use and help for anyone trying to find the right instrument to reach a new level of productivity by focusing on the important tasks without wasting time on routine preparations. And Switchem is definitely worth trying it out. On top of that, you can Download Trial that allows 100 actions.

Thank you for reading this article and happy workday automation!

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Applications in groups. Switch between groups for total productivity customization


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Applications in groups. Switch between groups for total productivity customization



Applications in groups. Switch between groups for total productivity customization