Callisto Raffle

Trade on Switcheo Exchange from 21st November, 12:00–4th December, 12:00 SGT (UTC+8) to participate in this event.

33 lucky winners will be selected randomly to win from a pool of 18 ETH and 6000 DAI!


1st Place: 10 ETH
2nd Place: 5 ETH
3rd Place: 3 ETH
4th — 33rd Place: 30 traders evenly share from a pool of 6000 DAI


To qualify for this event, users will have to do the following:

  • Retweet this Twitter post to your Twitter profile
  • Follow us on Twitter or Facebook
  • Hold 5000 SWTH in your NEO wallet during the event period
  • Trade on any ETH trading pairs

Earn Entries for ETH traded

Every 1 ETH traded will earn you 1 entry to the raffle.

  • For the first ETH traded for the day, the trader will be awarded 3 bonus entries
  • Each wallet is subjected to a hard cap of 10 entries per day*
  • 10 bonus entries will be awarded each time the hard cap is reached
  • Per day, each wallet will be capped at 23 entries

For example, if John trades his first ETH, he will be awarded 3 bonus entries, resulting in a total of 4 entries. For each ETH traded after, he will receive 1 entry. Once he reaches a total of 10 regular entries, he will receive 10 bonus entries.

Calculations: 1+(3)+9(1)+(10) = 23 entries

Registration is required for this event. You can sign up via the link below. Do include the link of your retweeted Twitter post in the sign-up form.

Register here:

Selection Criteria

  • Participants can only win the raffle once
  • Only executed trades will be counted into total trade volume
  • Trades made outside of the event period will be considered invalid
  • Switcheo will announce the list of qualifying entries within 10 days upon the end of the event to ensure fair play
  • Winners will be announced within 10 days after the draw of the raffle
  • *Per day being the start time of this raffle at 12:00 SGT (UTC+8)
  • Switcheo reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and competition rules at our sole discretion

View the full list of our Terms & Conditions.

Note: Number of entries earned will be displayed via a Medium article after the event ends. The Switcheo team will use a third-party software to draw the winners of this event.