Switcheo Adds Integration with Coinbase Wallet

We are delighted to announce that Switcheo has been integrated with Coinbase Wallet dApp browser!

Switcheo’s recent integration with Coinbase Wallet allows for users to trade on Switcheo Exchange directly on Coinbase Wallet’s dApp browser.

How to access Switcheo Exchange on Coinbase Wallet

Step 1: Open Switcheo Exchange on the Coinbase dApp browser

Navigate to “DApps” on Coinbase Wallet.

Head to https://switcheo.exchange/ using the search bar.

Step 2: Connect to Coinbase Wallet

Under Switcheo’s Wallet Manager (highlighted in red). Click “Connect to Coinbase Wallet”.

Step 3: Start trading!

You are now connected to Switcheo Exchange on Coinbase Wallet.

About Coinbase Wallet:

With Coinbase Wallet, you have the ability to:

  • Manage ETH and all your ERC20 tokens
  • Receive airdrops and ICO tokens
  • Buy and store crypto collectibles — non-fungible tokens that are unique — and use them in games, or trade them on marketplaces
  • Send payments to anyone anywhere, without geographical borders or fees
  • Access leading decentralized exchanges and relayers to buy and sell tokens
  • Explore the full universe of third-party DApps that enable everything from taking out a loan or lending to others on the blockchain to earning crypto by answering questions, performing services, or completing tasks

Find out more about Coinbase Wallet here:

Website | Twitter | GitHub

About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum and NEO tokens.

Our goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across popular blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a trustless and decentralized environment.