Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty — Update

Dear Switcheo Community,

We conducted the Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty two days ago on Tuesday, 17th July 2018. Overall, the event played out very smoothly and we are happy with the results. The engineering team did not find further issues which will impede the launch of our platform upgrade.

We will, therefore, be proceeding with the launch of our V2 smart contract. The date and timings for the upgrade will be released tomorrow.

Bounty Results

During the 3 hour event, all participants were given a pool of tokens and were required to report any issues they faced while trading on the new platform. The entire session was monitored closely by our Switcheo engineering team.

The team has been working on fixing any valid issues found, and are still finalizing the appropriate bounty categories. The full results will be published next week.

As a bonus bounty, we announced at the start of the event that the participant with the highest USD value in their Contract Balance at the conclusion of the event will receive a special gift from us. We are very happy to announce that moonbaby218 had clinched this prize with an accumulation of over 165K SWTH and a net worth of $57,885 at the end of the event. This represented a 6x increase in value in a mere 3 hours!

Congratulations moonbaby218 — You will be receiving a special Switcheo hamper which includes a customized Switcheo Ledger Nano S!

Team Feedback

The engineering team noted that there were a number of duplicates in bounty submissions, and many suggestions did not qualify under the beta bounty program. However, we fully appreciate the feedback given to us and will be using them to further enhance our exchange.

The Switcheo engineering team is also very encouraged by the positive response received regarding our new trading experience.

As a token of appreciation, we will be giving away 2,000 SWTH to all participants that joined us during the Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty. Your participation in this event is important to us and we thank you for your support.