Switcheo Exchange Goes Live on EOS

In partnership with Obolus, we are proud to announce Switcheo Exchange is now live on the EOS blockchain!

“This launch has allowed Switcheo to be one of the first non-custodial exchanges on the EOS blockchain. We are pleased to reach this milestone together with our partner, Obolus, with whom we share a common vision for a decentralized financial system.”
— Ivan Poon, CEO, Switcheo Network

The new EOS market is a marriage between Switcheo’s modern trading interface and Obolus’s powerful on-chain matching engine. A fully trustless, fair and transparent platform designed for users to trade on EOS blockchain seamlessly and securely.

To easily onboard new users, the new EOS market is launched with a proprietary staking system, which pays network fees for the users while they interact with the exchange contract. This first-of-its-kind system will allow users to trade on Switcheo without staking their own EOS tokens.

“Our smart contract will process trades on the blockchain, at a blazing fast speed. With Switcheo’s elegant and intuitive trading interface, EOS traders can trade with ease while retaining ownership of their funds on Switcheo Exchange.”
— Mauricio Hernandes, CEO, Obolus

EOSPark has been chosen as our preferred EOS block explorer, along with Scatter as the first EOS wallet available with our new trading market. New EOS users can also trade on the EOS markets easily by creating a free Switcheo Account.

We would like to thank all our community members for your unfaltering support. Switcheo will strive to be your preferred exchange and continue to integrate with other blockchains, bringing you a secure and seamless trading experience.

We have also prepared several exciting events and token listings in celebrations of the launch. Check them out below!

A press release was written specifically for EOS launch, view the press release here.

Event — EOS Mega Multiplier

From 30 May, 12:00 to 29 June, 12:00 SGT (UTC+8), trade on the new EOS markets and receive huge SWTH rewards!

EOS Mega Multiplier works in conjunction with Switcheo Chest and involves two categories:

  • Mega League
  • Multiplier Legends

Mega League — Combine and Conquer!

HODLers, it’s time to unite and receive more SWTH when Switcheo Chest unlocks!

Read the article below to learn how trading EOS can add up to 3,200,000 SWTH to the existing prize pool of Switcheo Chest:

Mega League requires a minimum commit of 15,000 SWTH into the appropriate Switcheo Chest: HODL Lite or HODL Premier to participate.

Multiplier Legends — Survival of The Fittest

Top 10 EOS traders with SWTH committed in HODL Premier can multiply their bonus up to 8x!

Read the article below and learn how to multiply your additional SWTH:

Multiplier Legends requires registration and a minimum commit of 15,000 SWTH into HODL Premier to participate.

Token Listings

With the launch, the following EOS tokens will be listed on Switcheo Exchange.

Read the article below to learn more about the tokens we have listed:

Trade these tokens on the newly launched EOS markets today!

For more information on Switcheo: