Switcheo Exchange V2 Launched!

Dear Switcheo Community,

We are pleased to announce that Switcheo Exchange V2 is now live and you can start trading on the new V2 smart contract!

Here’s an explainer video of our new exchange!

New features include:

  • Trading API and Bots
  • Customized deposit and withdrawals
  • Instant trade confirmations
  • Mobile UI compatability

In addition to that, we are excited to release the last segment of our V2 event: Switcheo Community Chest! This segment includes three mini-events — SwitcheoDRAW, SwitcheoFUN and SwitcheoPERKS!

Find out how you can participate in each of these events below:




As always, thank you everyone for the support. We hope that Switcheo Exchnage V2 will bring you a pleasant trading experience!