USD Pairings for NEO launches on Switcheo Exchange

We are happy to announce that the highly anticipated USD quote currency for NEO blockchain is finally here!

USD Quote Currency for NEO

In partnership with Alchemint, we will be adding USD quoted markets using the SDUSD stablecoin on Switcheo Exchange.

For a start, we will begin with just one market — NEO/SDUSD. In the following weeks, we will be adding more USD quoted pairings for tokens which have strong liquidity on Switcheo.

The NEO/SDUSD market will be found under the USD tab in our markets dropdown. In future, the primary stablecoin currency that is pegged to the U.S. dollar will also be placed under the USD tab, regardless of blockchain.

To find out more about the initial listing:

NEP-5 token issuers who wish to provide a USD pairing by acting as a market maker should contact us at

Removal of GAS and SWTH Pairings

To improve liquidity on Switcheo Exchange’s active markets, the team has also decided to remove the GAS and SWTH pairings when the USD pairings launches.

Users are advised to cancel any open orders on GAS and SWTH quoted pairs before 3 January 2019.

Find out more here: