Using your Ledger device with Switcheo Exchange

How to trade using your Ledger Nano S hardware device on Switcheo

Hey there!

Before you proceed, make sure your Ledger device has:

  • the most updated ledger firmware (≥1.4.2), and
  • the latest NEO application (≥1.3.1).

Check here for instructions from LedgerHQ to update your ledger firmware.

Check here for instructions on how to update your NEO application.

You must update your firmware to the latest version before trying to update your NEO app.

Connect Your Ledger Device

  • Step 1: Connect your Ledger device to your computer and enter in your PIN code
  • Step 2: Go to the NEO app on your Ledger device
  • Step 3: On Switcheo Exhange, click on Wallet Login and select Ledger
  • Step 4: Click Connect to link your ledger to our UI
  • Step 5: Once connected, select Login

Once you have successfully logged in, tokens in your ledger will be reflected under Wallet Balance.


All types of orders should be placed as per normal. If you have not traded on Switcheo Exchange before, refer to A Step-by-Step Trading Guide for Switcheo Exchange for an in-depth guide.

After checking your order breakdown, you should confirm it as usual by clicking on Place Order:

When trading from your hardware device, you will be presented with an additional pop-up similar to the one below:

Check your ledger device now

You should now check your Ledger device:

Press both buttons to sign

Press both buttons on your Ledger at the same time to sign on transactions.

Note that multiple signatures may be required if you are filling into multiple orders. Furthermore, if you do not have sufficient contract balance, at least two signatures will be required:

  1. First signature: This deposits the tokens required for performing the trade. No trades have been performed here yet.
  2. Second signature: After you input the first signature, you will be presented with the first transaction confirmation dialogue. You should still check your Ledger device and sign the second transaction to perform the trade in full.


Click Withdraw beside the token you which to withdraw, and sign the transaction on your Ledger, to withdraw your tokens back into your wallet.

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