Announcing the Switchyards Founder-in-Residence program

Jan 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Starting today we are recruiting three people to join our full-time Founder-in-Residence program. This will be a six-month paid position for people interested in helping manage the main consumer startup hub in town along with founding a brand new startup.

Here’s the Deal

Building the foundation for a strong B2C community in Atlanta isn’t easy, so we’ve always thought of Switchyards Downtown Club as an intentionally step-by-step process.

Step #1…buy a building.

Step #2…fill that building with great people.

Step #3…do lots of events to foster learning & community.

Step #4…launch an official program to provide a deeper level of support.

Recently we hinted at our next step with a blog post describing the spaces that interest our team. Our goal is (and always will be) to start companies…either helping others or doing it ourselves.

As part of this we are incredibly excited to announce today our Founder-in-Residence program.

The program has two equal parts…Community and Founding.


The Community half of the program is helping to manage the Switchyards community. The goal of this part of the program is to immerse the founder in the inner-workings of the SDC community. This could be anything from helping to organize an event to on-boarding new members. The founder will be a full-time member of the Switchyards staff. This type of startup exposure isn’t common in a city like Atlanta and is hugely educational for first-time founders.


The Founding half of the program will be dedicated to one space that interests the founder and the Switchyards team. Once a founder chooses a space, they will work with the Switchyards team to validate the business model through a process of customer discovery, brand creation and building product.

Once the business model is validated, the Founder-in-Residence will have the opportunity to spin-out the startup as a founder/CEO and their monthly stipend will become a full-time salary.

How to Apply

So if a paid full-time internship being immersed in a startup community while launching a startup sounds interesting to you, the application process is pretty simple.

Pickup your smartphone and record a 60-second video. You can tell us whatever you want, but please include why this sounds interesting to you and some personal experiences that would make you successful in this role.

We won’t share any videos publicly…we just want to get a sense of your personality. Casual, authentic and un-rehearsed is what we’d prefer. Then just email your video to If there’s a good fit, we’ll invite you down for a chat with the SDC team at W&A.

For the past year we’ve paid attention to the most creative ways that startup communities are writing new playbooks to develop, validate & launch new startup ideas. We are super excited to try something like this at SDC with our Founder-in-Residence program.

Everyone builds here.

Switchyards Downtown Club

Creating beautiful startups for consumers


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Introducing the neighborhood work club. The best of coffee shops, co-working, and hotel lobbies. Three well-designed Atlanta locations. $50/month.

Switchyards Downtown Club

Creating beautiful startups for consumers

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