Part-Time Membership at Switchyards

Our goal at Switchyards Downtown Club was always to be the hub in Atlanta for consumer and design-focused startups. The first step down this path was to focus on startups where the teams could work full-time in the building. We began curating this group six months ago and feel good that this part of our community is coming together. Now we are turning our attention to part-time Switchyards members, so we wanted to provide an overview of how you can be involved in the SDC community on a part-time basis.

How to decide if you want to be a part-time member?

First thing’s first…we are very intentional when we call Switchyards a “downtown club.” We did this because we want to eliminate all of the noise in Atlanta that slows down and distracts startups.

The building will only be filled with people focused on creating beautiful products for consumers.

What this means in practical terms is that the only way anyone can participate in the Switchyards community is to either be a full-time member or a part-time member.

What is part-time membership and what does it cost?

We’ve designed part-time membership for two types of people: 1) those who are interested in launching a consumer-focused startup at some point, but are still working a full-time job, or 2) those that want to generally support and take part in the consumer startup eco-system in Atlanta.

Our expectation is that part-time members will work at Switchyards no more than two days per week, with many members just stopping-in for a few hours every week to stay involved in the community or attend an event. Our full-time desks start at $175 per month, so anyone working more than two days per week should look at full-time options.

Part-time members receive…

  • 24/7 private access to Switchyards Downtown Club
  • Work space on the 4,250 square foot ground level
  • Personal coffee mug with unlimited free drip & espresso coffee at W&A
  • Fiber Wi-Fi
  • Daily locker use
  • Two conference rooms located on the ground floor for meetings (including one large board room)
  • Access to Switchyards events and programming
  • Month-to-month membership

The price for part-time membership is $50 per month (with a $50 upfront membership fee) and can be canceled at any time.

Recently we had a potluck for our full-time members. The collection of 57 full-time startups that will be in SDC when we launch is unprecedented in Atlanta — never before has a local building and community been entirely focused on consumer startups. We believe that our part-time members will be just as impactful over time as our full-time members. So if you want to be involved in (or support) our efforts to create more consumer-focused startup successes in town, please join us at whatever level works best for you.

Let’s build something beautiful together, Atlanta.