Switchyards is not a building

(see below to get the shirt)

There’s an adage when raising venture capital that you should spend your precious time and energy finding the true believers of your vision instead of spending them trying to convince the skeptics.

We’ve thought of this advice a lot over the past few months as we’ve talked with the best people in Atlanta who focus on consumer and design. While there are a few startup areas where Atlanta is mature and growing, B2C isn’t one of them.

As far as we know, there aren’t any other spaces in the country dedicated to consumer and design-focused startups. We felt strongly that this focus was our best shot at creating more B2C winners in Atlanta, but it was risky. Would there be enough true believers to support this community in Atlanta? Some of the most well-known startup “experts” in town were skeptical.

“Spend your time finding the believers…not convincing the skeptics.” — Lee Hower, Co-Founder & Partner at NextView Ventures

Despite this general sentiment, we pushed forward with buying the building and growing the initial community. Like all great projects, it started with passion…not logic.

Then something magical started happening recently.

“I’d love to talk soon. Switchyards looks very interesting. It strikes a chord for me.” — Perry Evans, Founder/CEO of Closely & Co-founder of MapQuest

It’s one thing to have a crazy idea yourself. It’s a whole different thing to get daily validation that we can actually create something even more impactful together.

“We’re in! Indeed, we are going to create something special. I think the momentum is already in process and so many good things are rising in Atlanta. Long overdue. I’m excited and ready to get to work.” — Christopher Knowles, Owner/Designer at Christowerks

Every desk at Switchyards will be full before the doors open because the best B2C founders in town are joining before even seeing any completed construction. A few founders have even committed without even seeing the building! Of the initial eight that joined, four never even visited before throwing their hat into the ring. What is happening is much bigger than paint colors and location.

“We are 100% in. We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.” — Shaun Lee, Co-founder of Bohemian Guitars

What we are creating (and what our community is recognizing) is the beginning of a new B2C movement in Atlanta.

While it might appear right now that the Switchyards Downtown Club is a building, it will soon become clear that it’s something much more meaningful (that t-shirt up above).

If you are working on a consumer-focused startup in Atlanta (or want to just be involved), please come dance with us.