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10 Excellent Podcasts For Women Entrepreneurs

Nicole Shephard
Jun 21, 2019 · 5 min read

Created and hosted by women entrepreneurs.

Podcasts are a perfect way to learn and be inspired while walking, commuting, working out or cleaning house. But without a few deliberate choices, the world of podcasts that help us be better entrepreneurs can feel like a self-referential bubble where a bunch of guys talk to each other about their experiences as founders.

Here’s to making choices. Let’s diversify who we choose as our teachers on entrepreneurship and professional development. Some of these women-led podcasts feature inspiring interviews with accomplished women, some teach specific skills like online marketing or pitching, and others discuss personal development for entrepreneurs. What they all have in common is that hosts and guests share valuable insights to help entrepreneurs and freelancers make better business decisions.

In no particular order.

Being Boss

Hosts Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are branding and coaching experts who want to inspire you to “be boss” in your own authentic way and talk you through the mindset, strategies, habits and tools that help you to achieve that. They do a mix of interview episodes and shorter episodes where they share their own takes on pressing entrepreneurial questions. They’re also just very funny and inspiring to listen to!

Listen here.

Goal Digger

Goal Digger creator and host Jenna Kutcher is an online marketing expert, photographer and educator. This is a mixed-format podcast, with interview episodes featuring successful woman entrepreneurs, topical episodes where Kutcher shares her own productivity tips, social media strategies and business hacks, and occasional on-air coaching sessions.

Listen here.

Women in Tech

Hosted by Ariana Waller, this podcast is about the latest news in tech, entrepreneurship, startups and navigating STEM fields as a woman. It’s a relatively new podcast, and at the time of writing seven episodes are available to catch up with. The host shares funding opportunities, competitions, tech-related conferences, accelerator programmes and other opportunities that have the potential to propel women’s startup ventures.

Listen here.

What Works

Hosted by business strategist and marketing expert Tara McMullin, this insightful podcast takes us behind the scenes of tried and tested creative businesses that share the strategies and tactics that have worked for them. What Works features interview episodes alongside expert insights shared by the host. The focus of either format is most often on the “how” of successful strategies.

Listen here.

The Pitch Makeover

This podcast on pitching and investing helps startups launched by women, non-binary people, and men of color make better pitches. The Pitch Makeover is created by Gina Delvac and host Natalia Oberti Noguera; two seasons are currently available to catch up with. The show takes the concept of a fashion makeover and applies it to startup pitches: “Entrepreneurs pitch, we talk, and then we share what they should keep, delete, and, possibly, more importantly, add to their pitch.”

Listen here.

Girlboss Radio

This podcast is hosted by author and serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso and calls itself “the show for and about ambitious women.” Every week, Girlboss Radio interviews successful women about their creative, cultural, and business ventures. The conversations centre on experience, advice and lessons learned. Recent guests include Gina Bianchini of Mighty Networks, Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code, or Shivani Siroya of Tala.

Listen here.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield has established herself as an institution in the online marketing world. Her podcast demystifies anything to do with social media, e-mail marketing, blogging, creating webinars, online courses and so on. Part interview format, part expert advice from the host, Online Marketing Made Easy works best as an actionable archive to be tapped whenever you work through online marketing questions in your business.

Listen here.

Women Taking the Lead

This is a mixed-format podcast created and hosted by business coach, author and speaker Jodi Flynn. It features interview episodes where the host speaks with highly successful women about their journey, “100% Jodi” episodes where the host shares her own insights on personal and business development, change and conflict resolution, as well as on-air business coaching sessions.

Listen here.

The Courtney Sanders Show

Courtney Sanders is an entrepreneur, speaker and women’s empowerment coach. On her podcast she talks about entrepreneurship, money, personal development and business lifestyle. She draws on her personal experience of overcoming financial hardship and her journey to becoming the successful entrepreneur that she is. This podcast was branded as the “The Think and Grow Chick Podcast” until October 2018.

Listen here.

Radical Self Trust Podcast Channel

Katie Linder is an academic, entrepreneur and author. This isn’t just one podcast, but a channel that features a range of podcasts on academia and entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs and freelancers I particularly recommend Make Your Way, co-hosted with Sara Langworthy, and Life Work Q&A. But in case you are interested in academic work and writing too, do check out the other podcasts on the channel.

Listen here.

Nicole Shephard is an independent researcher, consultant and freelance writer who combines a PhD in gender studies with a decade of experience in tech and human resources roles. She writes about about diversity & inclusion in the workplace and about gender in relation to technology, writing and work.

Twitter: @kilolo_

Nicole Shephard

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Feminist researcher, writer & consultant | PhD LSE Gender | gender and technology | diversity and inclusion| intersectionality and data.

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