10 Must Have Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Sarath CP
Sarath CP
Apr 12, 2018 · 5 min read

Entrepreneurial spirit — this is something that you might have seen in a lot of job post ads that you come across. Your track record may not be like Richard Branson, Lori Greiner, or Mark Zuckerberg, but this does not mean that you cannot become like them or even adopt the right traits to emulate these successful entrepreneurs.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Other than some few traits that many successful entrepreneurs share, being a self-starter can make you very desirable both in your business and also in the industry. Moreover, having an abundance of optimism and self-confidence is another key that can help you.

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There isn’t any “ideal” entrepreneurial personality for an entrepreneur who is successful. You should be thrill-seeking and sociable, as well as analytical, intuitive and taciturn. And as per Belinda Plutz, who is a career coach at New York City–based Career Mentors Inc, “Regardless of who writes the paycheck, we all need to work as if we work for ourselves.”

However, there are some experts in the industry that say that new entrepreneurs who have become successful have some common traits, as shared below:

1. Passion

People like this are always researching and reading things to find strategies in how they can make their business better.

2. Strong work ethic

These people are those who ensure that they come to the office during their off days, if needed, just to ensure that the outcomes meet their expectations. The successful entrepreneurs are those who always have their mind in their work, even if they are not in their workplace.

3. Strong people skills

4. Determination

5. Creativity

6. Competitiveness

7. Self Starter

8. Open Minded

9. Confidence

10. Disciplined

Other than these traits, every successful entrepreneur just wants to see what is at the top of the business mountain and they will pick up everything they get on the path while on their way up. But that is not where their determination ends.

As soon as they see it, they want to move ahead and see more. One of the most important things about successful entrepreneurs is that they know exactly how to talk to their employees. These are all the reasons why their business soars.

So, if you are about to embark on the journey to be an entrepreneur, have just entered the journey or have been in the journey but have not seen success, you need to adopt these traits and make them a part of you for gaining success.

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