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10 Undeniable Facts that Tie Technology with People

Why it’s not all lost in the battle between humanity Vs technology?

The consolidation of this digitally / tech people-based environment has caused that human media brings closer the human component to the technologies, digital world and the social Web. Day after day, the relationship between people and tech and the Internet is stronger and cohesive.

Here you’ll find 10 undeniable facts that show the emergence of such ties

10 Facts that Bridge Tech with People

1. Technology, and the Internet will always be there

Love it or hate it, but at some point someone will talk about you, whether you are there or not. Hint: better be there.

2. You will learn everyday

You are enrolled to the largest university in the world, the Internet, and hey, it’s free!

3. As human being you do not usually make mistakes, you only fail sometimes

Developing your knowledge about technology is a process of trying, doing, experimenting launching and thus, experiencing failure. The damn “failed” thing it’s part of making something happen, just as the the experiments that may “work.”

4. Failures are repeated until you will learn them

The strategy or actions to be performed will be presented in various ways in different contexts, until you have learned to cope with different settings and also broaden your expertise in different situations. Then you can move to the next phase.

5. You’ll never stop learning

In a new environment where everything sill remains to be defined and is completely open to everything, there won’t be a single day that you don’t lear anything. If you belong to this human and technological era, where you truly are, you have a lot to lear yet.

6. There is no better placer to make a difference and make something happen

However, what has brought here, does not have to take us there, what works today, won’t do it tomorrow. When you get “there”, we will be here and there will be another “there” to be reached. This never ends, funny though.

7. People want to be connected and emotionally moved

Like you, simple, but significant and real.

8. You have all the platforms, tools and resources that you need to do something really fascinating

Now, it just depends on your attitude and the desire to step forward. It’s about taking risks and launch something that add value to the world and the people that live in.

9. Despite what most of the market and professionals say, the answer is within you

The real challenge, it’s not competing against any business or person, but against yourself. In order to connect and create resonance through technology using human business interactions, first you must to connect with yourself.

10. There’s no need that you follow this steps — which are not steps

If the rules are the only thing that separate you from making a difference, you don’t need these rules. Create your own game, a game where you and the people around you win.

There’s no human interactions and relations without the human factor, nor does social exists, without technolgy there’s no interactivity, without interactivity the Internet (the most powerful economic engine) makes no sense at all.


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Isra García

Isra García


9 books, 70 clients, 62 biz advised, 435 speakings, 4.940 articles, 40 projects, 537 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 46 experiments, ∞ fails.