12 best practices create a positive purchase experience to smooth customer buying journey.

How to encourage your customer willing to take action once they are ready to buy?

When you under a situation that you’ve already moved your leads through the process, now they are ready to buy.

It is vital important to create a positive purchase experience.

There are two keywords that we need to remember: Clear and simple!

Today’s commerce can be simple, you sit at home, search online and compare with different products and make a purchase. Sounds simple, right?

It is not Always that easy. Some times you will encounter confusion steps when going through buying process.

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is an incredible number: 71%

When you are building your website. make sure to think of customer point of view. What will be a great experience for customers to make the purchase?

Streamlining the Purchase Process

Allow purchases either with or without online registration.

Let customer check out as a Guest if they don’t want to fill out a registration form. Some people view registration form as prolong the process and invade of their personal privacy.

Request shipping information before billing

Shipping is really important for customers when they making online purchase, they want to how long can they receive the package before purchase.

Offer a variety of payment options

24% of the abandon cart is because they find out their payment methods are not accepted. By offer a variety of payment options so that customer will feel convenient when they make purchase.

Make the checkout link easy to find

So that customers do not need to find them by searching. It should be easy to find, clear and not surrounded by lots of clutter.

Consistent Branding.

Integrated your checkout with same visual with other parts of your website. Your customers are get used to certain color and design of your website. Make sure the transition to checkout is seamless by using the same background colors, fonts and font size, imagery, buttons, copy tone and etc.

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Clear Availability

Be clear about what’s in stock and don’t hide item availability. If certain items are out of stock, let customers know right away.

If it will be available in the future, offer preorder or send customers email for reminder when its available.

Cart Modification

Make shopping cart modification quick and easy, like adding items or changing the quality before finalizing the purchase.


Including visuals and links on the order summary screen during shopping cart review.

Shipping options

Offer multiple shipping options. Let customers choose which shipping method they would like to use. Offer range from standard to express. So customers can get their items when they need them.

Delivery Estimate

Provide detailed delivery estimation so customers know when to expect their merchandise.

Clear Return Policy

Be transparent to return policy. Studies show that 86% of customers check return policy before finalize purchase.

Say Thank You

Remember always say Thank you. Send an email with confirmation, order summary and shipping information.

By creating process clear and simple, you’ll create a positive customer experience and avoid shopping cart abandonment, which will drive sales.

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