16 Ways to live a more Powerful Life every day

Sinem Günel
Mar 1 · 8 min read

I read quite a lot.

I try to do so because I believe in the huge benefit of reading.

In the past 1,5 years, I’ve read about 70 books.

Some bad, but a lot of good ones.

As I try to read a lot, I read quite quickly.

Lately, I looked at one book that I’ve read about 1,5 years ago and skimmed through all the post-its that I’ve put inside.

It was Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.

This was one of the first books that I’ve read when I first came into touch with entrepreneurship.

Now that I’ve reflected over it, I am sure that Girlboss had a huge impact on my attitude and goals that I developed in the past 1,5 years.

I knew that it was a good book but while reflecting and skimming through it I was quite shocked how many valuable lessons I found inside it.

Here’s what I wish I would’ve reminded myself more often in the past few months:

1.) Success is about playing to your strengths

Our whole education system is based exactly on the opposite of this.

Instead of strengthening strengths we try to improve our weaknesses.

However, I am truly convinced that we can only grow to our best version if we strengthen our strengths and do what we are best at.

One book that I can highly recommend when it comes to finding your strengths is the Strengthsfinder 2.0.

The book comes with an online assessment test which helps you to discover your top five strengths. It’s the CliftonStrengths test and I can highly recommend taking it.

2.) Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Sometimes when I sit back I realize that I am taking things way too serious.

I’ve once read a quote saying something like:

Don’t take life too serious, you are not going to survive anyways.

Keeping this in mind should be a great help to don’t take things too seriously. Sometimes we simply can’t change things but it’s fine.

Things always fall back into places.

It is just important to never grow up too much and get bored by this amazing life.

3.) Life is short. Don’t be lazy.

And it reminded me of a video of Gary Vaynerchuk that I recently saw:

4.) Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know there is no finish line, fortune favors action.

I am highly dedicated to succeeding and making the most of my life but I definitely had and still have to fight through some situations. I faced some challenges and setbacks which were to hold me back from my goals.

First, it really tore me down but I am more and more learning to rise above all those obstacles.

If you know what you want, there shouldn’t be a single thing able to hold you back.

No damn external factor is allowed to influence you in any way.

Everyone faces difficulties and no one will feel sorry for you in any way.

You have to take 100 % of the responsibility of your life and go out there and get what you want.

5.) When you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too.

Photo by John Sting on Unsplash

I am neither super — ultra confident nor very shy. But what I realized is that if you want to convince people to work with you, you have to be super, ultra, hyper, mega confident.

People immediately realize if you trust yourself.

If you can not trust yourself and show tremendous confidence, other people will definitely don’t believe in you.

Be your own biggest fan. Cheer on yourself. Celebrate your successes. Trust in yourself. You got this.

6.) There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.

During difficult times we tend to feel anger and we are basically not able to see positive aspects.

However, when we look back, we often realize that difficult situations lead us to beautiful destinations.

It might be difficult but next time when you are facing difficulties, step back and take a look. Is there probably a new opportunity rising? 🌟

7.) Douglas Adams: ‘’I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.’’

8. To be, in a word, unboreable.. is the key to modern life. If you are immune to boredom, there is literally nothing you cannot accomplish. — David Foster Wallace

9.) Nothing is universally boring. If you are bored it’s a sign that you’re most likely just in the wrong place.

We are living on a fucking exciting planet. How can you be bored? There is so much to discover, so much to learn, read, explore, so many people to meet and places to visit.

One lifetime is not even enough to discover a fraction of the world. If you manage it to get bored, I really don’t know what to say.

But Sophia Amoruso knew: Change your place she says.

If you truly manage to say that you are bored for a second, change something in your life.

10.) Work is something we all have to do. So make it something you enjoy.

Photo by Laurencia Soesanto on Unsplash

This is probably one of the main reasons why I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19.

I realized that I have to work anyways. So why don’t create a job that I die for?

If I have to work anyway, I would rather do something that excites me every day instead of slaving for somebody else and doing tasks that don’t fulfill myself.

11.) It is impossible to succeed while doing something that you genuinely hate.

So many people are spending years, or even decades doing stuff that they don’t like.

You can only be truly successful if you manage to find something that you could die for.

You have to love what you do. You have to work for a meaning, a purpose that is bigger than yourself.

Only if you manage to find this one thing that motivates you so much, you can unleash your full potential and succeed in enormous ways.

12.) Figure out what you love doing and don’t suck at, then try to figure out how to make a living doing that.

I am finding out what I love. Once I truly know what I love and what I am great at, I will find ways to sell it.

13.) When your time spent making money is significantly greater than your time spent spending money, you will be amazed by how much you can save without thinking about it.

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

This is also my daily life right now.

In the past three weeks, I’ve spent less money than probably ever before. I am so focused on finding opportunities to earn more money that I even forget spending my money.

If you manage to work on something that means a lot to you, you will soon realize how much time you can spend working without getting bored.

14.) Treat your mind like your money, don’t waste it.

Every day we allow tons of useless information to get into our minds.

We don’t do a single thing to protect ourselves. Instead, we open social media and allow all the negativity to attack us.

I realized that once I cut myself off from all the news and the information overload, I am much more focused and calm.

I am working on building my best version, I basically don’t have energy to spend on negativity. Especially not if it is really useless negativity with no personal context for me.

15.) You must have the intention to fulfill your dreams but you also have to leave room for the universe to have its way and play around a bit.

I am often trying to force things.

And if things don’t go as planned, I get angry and frustrated.

This quote, however, reminded me of the opposite.

Leave room for the universe

I guess that’s an extremely powerful phrase.

If I look back at my life, there have been many times when things didn’t go as I wanted but ended up in much better results.

Sometimes, we just have to relax and let things happen to us.

The greatest things are often also the most unexpected.

16.) Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.

Create yourself

People often go on treatments and seminars to find themselves. I am quite. a fan of the opposite: create yourself.

Everyone has the chance to create himself in a unique way.

You can create your best version ever and become whatever you want.

How do you want to find yourself if you didn’t even create yourself yet?

Bottom Line

I can absolutely recommend this book to anyone who needs some motivation but also as a present to any young girl. I guess this book can be life changing for a young lady who is struggling to find out what she wants. And I guess that Girlboss was one of the reasons why I decided that I want to become a girlboss.

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