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3 min readOct 16, 2015


So it’s been just over 2 months since I landed a job at Product Hunt and this is a little recap of how it has gone so far….


  • Developed a severe case of notification OCD
  • Created MANY meowvellous cat puns with the team 😼😻
  • Even put them into practice….
  • Which resulted in an unusual nickname from Jacq

Been a part of some awesome Product Hunt launches (credit to the team 🙌)

  • The Winklevoss twins spoke to me 😱
  • Helped (in a small part) some AMAZING people launch
  • Emailed with people in the tech space that I never thought I would!
  • Seen Corley fail (and win) in spectacular fashion, many times with Giphy
  • Drank over 120 cups of coffee ☕️ (ok yes, that is a rough guess— why would I count them?!)
@littlemancoffee — Great independent coffee shop in Cardiff, UK
  • Watched Wales BEAT England in their own Rugby World Cup 🏉 (LOL)
Waaaaaaaaales 🙌💃
  • Gained over 1000 new followers on Twitter
  • Hit over 1000 followers on Product Hunt
  • Had many team talks with the Brady Bunch, including last week’s hat day 🎩 — I realise that not all are wearing hats 😫.
Special shoutout goes out to Andreas here for fashioning a colander🙆
  • Found out what Inspect Element is (and it saved my life /or more accurately, saved me loads of time)
  • Found out what the shortcut is for emoji’s on Mac (ctrl + cmd + spacebar) 🍌 — thanks Emily
  • Puked a rainbow
👻 😷
  • Received ‘Thank you’ swag — thanks Craig! 🎁
  • Met a team member, Emily, IRL 👻
  • Found out some of the team are pretty much native Brits

I feel extremely appreciative of being a part of this team and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

The best news is that I love ‘working for’ Product Hunt — and they like me too, so I’ll be sticking around. Woohoo 💃

Feel free to reach out to me on twitter — Ben Tossell

Thanks for reading!

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