20 Things That Don’t Matter in Life.

(and why rejecting them will help accelerate your life’s purpose.)

Jon Brosio
May 24, 2018 · 8 min read

Sometimes I find it very difficult to choose a stance on a particular topic and stick with it.

It seems like when we hear a pundit say something of value or perhaps read a comprehensive viewpoint on a given set of principles, we often are exposed to the contrary within a few hours.

The instant spread of information has revolutionized the human collective — there is no doubt about that. Generally speaking, with a positive advancement, there tends to be a negative curtail that follows.

Hell, I've felt like a victim in terms of being pulled in all the numerous directions pitching the rigmarole of what the "right" way of doing things includes.

I need to confess… I'm no saint, I'm no savior, I don't have even close to all of the answers. However, coming from someone who has had to drudge and trek through the mud in my short life, I have made a lot of mistakes that have helped me grow into the man that I am today (and the man I am still working to become).

I do believe there are things that a good person should adopt into their life:

  • They should have a value set in their life that helps guide them.
  • They should always be looking forward and trying to better themselves in one way or another.
  • They should be conscious of their physical health and how that can affect their mental health.
  • They should be conscientious of their place in the world.
  • They should be industrious and offer up gifts to the world that perhaps once didn't exist.

And then there's the things in life that don't matter…

I tend to think that these things are more pronounced in our lives as individuals.

These things: ideas, wants, rituals, and behaviors tend to cast a veil over our life and trick us into thinking that attaining them will make us , better, faster, stronger, happier, and more fulfilled. I fully believe they won't.

1. The newest pair of Yeezy’s.


Or any other trendy overpriced piece of fashion.

It was created to make you feel inadequate and inferior.

2. Gossip.

Mind your own business.

People who gossip do so because they have voids they are looking to fill in their own life. Joke is, no amount of gossip will ever fill that void.

3. The trendy new diet that will help you lose X amount of pounds.

Everything in moderation.

Most diets will be framed with the elimination of some food group.

Nothing should be completely eliminated. The proper diet is good sleep, moderation of consumption and regular exercise.

4. That you’re going to die.

The only guarantee in life is death.

Whether you believe in life repeating, an afterlife, nothingness etc you are going to die.

What is important is how you use the time you do have before your end comes.

5. Who the President is (in the current American climate).

Your prosperity in life isn’t going to be contingent on who is President.

The world is going to keep turning. You can dictate your own success in life and you should realize and execute on that responsibility.

No Demigod will come into the political arena and cleanse you of your woes. That’s on you.

6. A bachelor’s degree.

We live in a world today where self-education is king.

With proper time and discipline you can teach yourself anything. If your career path is to be a lawyer or astronaut or medical doctor or some sort of specialized professional, you’ll definitely need the degree.

For many of us however, build your own skill set and share it with the world.

7. Your social media presence alone.

You have 50k followers.

That’s great.

What value are you providing however? Social media isn’t created in a vacuum. There are plenty of tools to help generate followers. What are the richness of that audience, however? What are you providing them and what are they providing you?

8. Opinions.

There are opinions and then there is the truth.

One is very easy to claim and the other unbelievably difficult at times.

Opinions are like leaves in the wind and the truth is like the roots that hold up the tree.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

9. 24 hour news coverage.

Barring an attack on your country’s soil, a natural disaster in your vicinity or anything that can objectively alter your life the news is useless.

They are built as machines that instill fear and inadequacy.

Most of the current events that are happening will have little to no affect on your daily life and progressive success. Silence the airwaves.

10. Caloric input in the body.

Don’t get me wrong, calories are important- they are our fuel source.

What isn’t important is caloric input alone. Is 100 calories worth of almonds equal to 100 calories worth of Coca-Cola?

I think not.

Again, it is about the richness of the input into your body that results in the fuel source.

11. How popular you are.

Life will be the longest thing you ever do.

There will be times when you are high, there will be times when you are low. There will be times when you are in favor of your peers and times you fall out of favor.

Self esteem grows from within, not from other peoples’ opinions of you.

12. Society’s opinion of your career.

How you do anything is how you do anything.

Are you working in a career or job that makes you feel happy?

If so, kudos. It doesn’t matter that you’re a server and not a lawyer.

As long as you are enjoying serving others an unforgettable dining experience and performing the tasks to the best of your ability, who cares?

13. The socio-economic status of your romantic partner.

The beauty of young love is how you can build something together.

I’ll never forget what my father told me about my mother,

“Son, when I married your mother, she didn’t hav a lot of money. But I’d be damned if she didn’t help me make my money. We did it together.”

It’s true too, my mother is an amazing soul who helped raise her two brothers starting when she was 12 years old. Her own mother stole from her. She helped make my father into the man he is.

14. How much you know.

You can know everything there is to know with recorded human history.

It isn’t going to do you any good unless you share it with the world.

Again, people aren’t created in a vacuum. Humility and building relationships is the best catalyst in progressing in life.

15. Following dollar signs alone.

If you try and build your bank account just for building your bank account you will never reach an end point.

It’s a futile pursuit.

Influence people and provide them value.

When you provide value they will return their thanks with compensation. Chase the pursuit of adding value to peoples’ lives.

16. Mulling over the past.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Your past decisions have made you into the person you are today.

If they have been favorable, use those past decisions as fuel to progress you even further.

If they have been unfavorable, use them as lessons to change the course of your life. Leave them where they are: in the past and move on.

17. The size of your junk.

It really truly is the motion of the ocean.

Speaking from a man’s perspective here, there are plenty of ways to pleasure a woman.

And that’s what makes for a great sexual experience, making sure you both have gotten “yours.” If you have trouble, experiment with different methods- outside sheer intercourse- to achieve climax.

18. How many friends you have.

It really doesn’t matter if you have 1 friend or 100.

What is the richness of those friendships?

What struggles have you experienced together?

What triumphs?

What sacred parts of your life have you shared with one another?

Those are the marks of true friendship.

19. The time you wake up in the morning.

So many “Self Help Gurus” have been preaching,


Quite frankly, I feel that is hogwash.

How do you utilize your time? Does it take you 3 hours to finish a project that should take 1 hour? Do you binge watch Orange Is The New Black when you should be writing your book?

The depth of the time spent is more important than when you wake up.

20. What you choose to believe.

There are 7 billion people on this Earth.

There are 7 billion perspectives.

Believe what you want (though I would suggest complete abandonment of the scientific method is HIGHLY inadvisable and that there is an inherent good and evil).

So long as your beliefs don’t hurt or infringe on the beliefs and rights of others, have at it. C’est la vie.

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