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20 top and simple practices to reach your daily high performance

How to get the most of your day optimising your life and work

Achieving your daily high performance should be your obsession, or maybe it’s mine, and I want to feel better persuading you for it also to be yours. Be as it may, achieving maximum intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual performance is the best and most complete state to which a person can aspire in this modern society.

Daily high performance

Here are 20 simple practices that you can carry out daily and that for sure will have a substantial impact on your daily high performance:

  1. Dodge any sterile opinion. Better yet, avoid any opinion.
  2. Never advise unless someone asks you to.
  3. Do not make recommendations unless you request them.
  4. Get away from television, news, newspapers, blogs, society, trends, fashion, any source of interesting, recurring and soulless information.
  5. Instruct yourself daily in the art of learning to see things as they are and not as you want to look at them.
  6. Take three minutes a day to accept the things you don’t like about yourself.
  7. Another three minutes to accept painful, frustrating or distressing experiences. The idea is to call them by their name.
  8. Talk much less, embed more silence in your life. If you can’t improve the silence, don’t talk. Listen more, so you will learn more.
  9. Learn to ask questions that serve you and other people. Avoid easy chatter, avoid courtesy.
  10. Surround yourself with 15 people who are like you and establish your circle of influence around them.
  11. Look for work, practice, train or learn with people that you consider much more advanced than you. Find people who excel in their specialties and form collaborations.
  12. Make decisions with the heart and not with the mind.
  13. Dedicate a sacred time for you at the beginning of the day and the end of it. Nothing and nobody should interrupt that time. That time can be shared alone, with a partner or as a family. The rest should be excluded.
  14. Never follow any destructive criticism. Don’t judge people for what they do, or for what they are. Think they are what they are or do what they do for an excellent reason, for sure. The disconnection is that you don’t know that reason.
  15. Write for 15–30 minutes a day about what you most want to write. What you need to get out of your head, neither good nor bad, just let it out. Unprejudiced.
  16. Find and face a small fear of the day.
  17. Eat only when you have an appetite. Eat what your body will appreciate.
  18. Find four things that you feel blessed for and say it out loud to yourself.
  19. Connect with a person daily.
  20. Ruminate about: what could make you angry, that might not work, what you don’t like about other people. Then plan what could happen.

Daily high performance for — almost — anyone

If you feel that high performance resonates with you, you must achieve it. If you think you are willing to walk the necessary path to reach it, then you will excel. Sooner or later. This philosophy of life and work is not reserved only for a few athletes, artists or great personalities. That’s why we created Stand OUT Program, to make it accessible to almost anyone who is capable of taking that step forward.

The high daily performance is the dynamo engine.

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Isra García

Isra García

9 books, 70 clients, 62 biz advised, 435 speakings, 4.940 articles, 40 projects, 537 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 46 experiments, ∞ fails.